Branding is the key to success of your business. If you don’t have an up to date branding and marketing strategy for your business, your business is unlikely to survive. You must keep track with what’s happening around you to know how you can promote your business in the best way. And with the presence of internet now, you can’t just avoid such a huge marketplace and your customers in here. Like TV branding, branding of your product over YouTube has become popular. And to begin, you need to know how to brand your YouTube channel.

How everything works

You need an account with YouTube. This is how everything works –

Open a YouTube Account:

Click on ‘Create Account’ on the top of the page and you’ll redirected to a new Google account opening page. You will be asked for name, gender, address, verification email address, mobile phone etc., complete all the fields as instructed and you’ll be done in no time.

And in the last page you’ll have to provide information about your YouTube channel that you want to create. After the necessary formalities are done (stated below), send an email to YouTube support to convert your YouTube channel into a brand channel.

Channel Name, Information, and Links:

Once you are in your YouTube account, click on ‘My Channel’ to give your channel a name. The channel name will by default be set to your Google Account name. You should change it for your brand if you want a channel in your name then it is fine.

The next thing you need to do is – add some details about your Channel. A visitor might not only come for your videos, they might also want to know something about your channel in words. Write for them, and do write cheesy lines.

Add links of your brand website or something that leads into your brands promotion. Might be useful!

Your Profile Picture and Channel Banner:

Your YouTube profile should have a profile picture. It might be yours or your brand’s, depending on your channel.

And on the top of your YouTube channel page, there’s a 970 pixels wide space to place your channel banner. You can add a custom cover photo there or a photo map to make navigation easier through your channel.

Adding your channel logo into YouTube video:

You can now put your customized brand logo into your YouTube channel, like a TV channel. YouTube’s recently added facility ‘InVideo Programming’ lets you do that very easily without having to edit your originally uploaded video.

You can add a logo to any corner of your screen and even choose a duration if you don’t want to see in the screen for the whole time. And you should better pick a transparent png file for this purpose.

YouTube Video Manager:

That’s another of the few changes that YouTube has made to their interface. This video manager interface lets you organize your videos very easily. When you’re in the video manager page, you’ll get to see options to manage in the left column, videos in the middle column which is showing the highlighted topic in the left. You can check the interactions on the videos from audiences, and add edit delete your videos. Managing your YouTube videos has never been easier!

Links on your videos, or, Annotations:

Want to say something to the audience at a specific time? Or maybe just some links; use video annotations. This helps you to add information about YouTube videos which includes links, related YouTube videos, search results etc.

Embed video in websites:

You can embed your video in some other websites as well. Click on ‘share’ below a video, get the embed link, and put it in your website. Your visitors will see a little YouTube video windows in your website with that specific video you shared.

You can Create superb videos with Camtasia:

Your YouTube channel needs videos, right? Use Camtasia to create eye catchy awesome videos with less effort. With support for HTML5 like web based video formats, editing video has never been so easier and also they can be watched on portable devices without trouble; and Camtasia wins the video editors heart through that.

Are you enlightened?

Our intention was to give you a brief but easy explanation and guide to setting up a YouTube branded channel. Hope you get all your necessary enquiries answered, you may now get to work. And let us know your experience!