Few businesses operate without storing many of their customer contacts, vendors, inventory, and other data on a computer or network of computers. Losing this information can send a shockwave through the company that can prove costly to maintaining momentum. Backing up your important information is a necessary part of running your operation responsibly.

Protect Critical Data From Unexpected Loss or Corruption

Losing huge amounts of vital information is the type of situation that most companies try their best to avoid. Not having a dedicated IT department can make this task harder than ever in an age of computer data housing and storage. Accidentally erasing files or finding they are corrupt can destroy tons of work in an instant. Not having this information saves for retrieval can prove devastating.

Eliminate Dependence on Basic IT Security

Hacking of data and information is a huge problem that every company worries about that are in charge of sensitive materials. IT security systems can alert you to hacking and data theft, but you won’t be alerted to accidental data purges or file corruption. Global IP Networks can fill in the gap and provide the necessary backup of data and give you the recovery option you need to avoid disaster.

Protect Sensitive Information

Extensive email lists, customer contact information, invoices, payroll, inventory lists, and numerous other amounts of important and sensitive data need to be preserved for you to maintain operations at a normal level. Losing any portion of this important information can leave you scrambling for a way to find a solution. Any company that stores this information on a computer is vulnerable.

Off-Site Data Storage is the Ultimate Data Protection

Natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, storms, or lightning strikes can render computers useless, along with every bit of data that was retained inside. A safer, more dependable way to keep your critical data safe is to have is stored off-site. You can easily recover it once you are up and running again.

Don’t Miss a Beat In Business Operations

Partial data losses can slow you down, but a total loss in data can bring you to a sudden and complete stop. Keep up your business pace by investing in data security storage and recovery services. Global IP Networks is the managed IT service provider Plano businesses trust to keep their data safe, secure, and backed up for complete recovery, no matter what causes the data loss.

Don’t risk losing any of your critical business data by failing to safely back it up. Make full recovery a simple option with data backup and recovery services.