There’s no single correct way to use a cellphone. Everyone is a little different in their habits, with some people only texting, some people only talking, and some people using tons of data. Because of these discrepancies, phone service providers have created different plans to meet the varying needs of their customers. Learn a little more about the different plans on the market and which one meets your requirements.

The Texter

Image via Flickr by Jhaymesisviphotography

With fingers like lightning, lovers of texting send off messages to their companions nearly every second of the day. Rather than picking up the phone to make a call, they send a message. Sometimes, they even send a message to a person they are currently in the room with.

Obviously, this type of person will need an unlimited text messaging plan, which comes with most of the plans from the four big cellular providers. If the texter also likes using data-based apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber, you might also want to look into a hefty data plan. These apps don’t use a huge amount of data, but it does add up after thousands of messages back and forth.

The Talker

These days, it’s rare to find someone that actually makes phone calls on their phone. Many of us prefer to use social media or messaging to get our point across. However, those of the older generation usually prefer calling to texting or emailing. This is the method of communication they grew up with, so for them, it’s the most natural.

A person with this mindset doesn’t need a data-heavy or text-heavy plan. Unfortunately, many plans these days automatically come with free texting and data. However, some providers still offer the ability to purchase minutes separately, which will allow you to pay for whatever calls you place rather than a hefty monthly sum for features you won’t utilize.

The Media Lover

Whether you’re constantly checking on Facebook, watching your favorite videos on YouTube, or streaming some rocking tunes on Spotify, these apps all use a ton of data. If you’re on a plan that limits how many gigabytes per month you can use, you might be in trouble.

Experts estimate that the average cell phone owner uses 2 to 5GB of data every month. However, if you’re constantly on your phone, that number might be much higher. Even just watching 30 minutes of video a day on Netflix can rack up more than 5GB per month. Spotify is also a guilty app, as listening to only seven hours of music on the “extreme quality” setting burns through a whole GB of data.

People who take advantage of these features absolutely need an unlimited data plan. Chances are, they don’t do much calling, and if they text, it’s using data-based apps.

The Workaholic

If you use your phone for work, chances are you’re using a little bit of everything. You’ll be emailing on the go, making important business phone calls, and even sending out texts to coworkers and clients.

If anyone ever needed a completely unlimited plan, it’s you. For instance, you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans to get everything you need with one low price. The T-Mobile ONE plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as free texting and data abroad, one hour of in-flight data, and a free mobile hotspot.

The Everyday User

Let’s face it — most of us don’t pigeonhole ourselves into a single cell phone niche. In fact, you probably saw part of yourself in all these categories. If you talk, text, and use data on a daily basis, you’ll want to look into a plan that includes all of the above at a reasonable price. You might not need a completely unlimited option like the one above, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt, especially if your usage varies from month to month.

Choosing a plan that meets your cell phone style can be tricky. However, by investigating your options, creating and sticking with a budget, and being realistic about your usage, you’ll have no problem navigating the different options available to you.