MOBI and EPUG are termed as some of the most famous file formats but they are not as popular as the PDF files. Majority of the files on internet and otherwise are mostly available in PDF format which is why the need to convert the file from MOBI to PDF has become obligatory.

Online file converting sites have made a lot of things way easier than before. This is the main reason why people usually opt for online file converting sites. However, there are numerous other ways to convert these files as well.

If you are thinking of way of “how to convert MOBI to PDF” then you have landed on the right place.

Here we have compiled the three easiest ways which will help in converting the MOBI format files to PDF. Have a look. file converter converter is one of the best ways to convert your MOBI to PDF. There are a few easy steps after which you’ll get your file in the desired format.

The first step is to upload your MOBI file by selecting it from your computer, Google Drive and Dropbox and drop it on the main page.

Now the next step is select “to PDF” and select OK.

And that’s it, your file is converted. Wait for it to download and then open it in the format you needed.

Convert MOBI File on Android Phone:

The File Converter is one of the most widely used Android application for converting the MOBI files to PDF. You can input your files from your device as well as from the URL Here are the easy steps to convert your file through The File Convert.

  • Download the application on your phone.
  • Choose the option ‘Pick File’ and choose the file format you want to convert in i.e. PDF.
  • The last step it to hit the Go Button and you’re done.

Quite simple, isn’t it?

Use Calibre:

Calibre is a free and open-source software which enables the user to edit, covert and read the eBooks. There are plenty of different formats which can be converted using this MOBI to PDF converter. If you want to convert your MOBI files to PDF format, then this is the one you should definitely use. Here are the steps to use and convert your files using Calibre.

  • Download and install the application first.
  • Once you have set up the application on your device, launch it, after which you need to drag your EPUG and MOBI files to the main interface. Then by pressing the “Add Books” button on the left side of the screen you can easily add your books.
  • Now select all the MOBI files and convert them into PDF files by selecting it from the option.

These are the three main ways to convert your MOBI files to PDF. If you are having issue in converting and accessing your files than use these three ways to get things done.

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