The rift between telecom companies have reached to a visible platform and with the recent move by Telecom major Vodaphone is quite a piece of news!

It was been reported that the esteemed Telecom major Vodaphone, India has moved to high court in Delhi against Reliance Jio on Tuesday. Vodaphone in Delhi high court claimed that the new tariff plans as introduced by RJIO since the last month were a violation of the guidelines led down by TRAI.

The Impact of RJIO on telecom services in market

Reliance jio
Reliance jio

Reliance Jio has captured the telecom market with its unbelievable tariff plans right from the very start. It has grown monumentally as customer’s favorite owing to the various facilities offered at extraordinary low rates. RJIO has also come up with two new tariff plans which has become the subject of Vodaphone’s claim against violation of norms led down by TRAI.

Two new Tariff plans by RJIO

The Summer Surprise offer which gives a 3- month complimentary service with just a minimum recharge of about 402 INR and the all new DhanDhanaDhan offer which had been offered after the 1st one has been withdrawn. The DhanDhanaDhan offer was about two months benefits on a recharge of 408 INR which has been withdrawn.

Petition by Vodaphone against RJIO

Vodaphone has moved to the Delhi HC on Tuesday making an allegation in the application before justice Sanjeev Sachdeva. The application is a petition against RJIO’s offers which apparently are not abiding by the TRAIN norms.

In the petition, Vodaphone claimed that RJIO, by providing free voice calls and continuing with this promotional offer for a period of more than 90 days has violated the norms and orders of TRAI’s Tariff regulations.

Vodaphone in the petition also claimed that it was aggrieved by the stand of TRAI allowing RJIO to continue with the promotional offer for a period of more than 90 days. However RJIO has denied these allegations.

The Delhi HC has allowed Vodaphone to amend its petition and has also listed this petition for hearing on the 27th July.

Vodaphone’s take and withdrawal against TRAI’s norms

The telecom major Vodaphone has also reportedly withdrawn the application challenging TRAI’s process of consultation to frame rules and regulations for network testing  before the full-fledged launch of a new telecom service.

Vodaphone has contended before the Deli HC that the process of consultation which was initiated by TRAI appeared to find answers to the issues that have been highlighted in the petition against RJIO.

In this consultation paper the regulator has sought views on other issues too highlighting the fact whether a telecom operator should be permitted to enroll its subscribers as test users. It is also about whether the telecom operator should have a period that allows use of TRAI service, restrictions on the numbers and criteria that differentiates the test phase from the actual commercial launch of the service.

The hearing to Vodaphone’s petition has been dated on 27th July by the High court