Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use nowadays to attract the public. It can reach 3x more views than a photo, and it can draw 25% more attention than a traditional blog post. It’s expected, by the end of 2019 to gain more than 80% of the web traffic. When searching for info about a product, people are more likely to watch a video than to read a description.

Video is and it will be a strong marketing tool because people are shifting from text to film at an unbelievable speed.

If you want to produce videos to attract an audience, but you don’t know what type of content is more likely to reach your public, here are the most popular types of videos on YouTube. There are various ways to convert youtube to mp4

Testimonial videos

Before buying something, people want to know the previous users’ opinion. If you create a testimonial video and review the ups and downs of a product, you have great chances to gain views. Companies ask their clients to post testimonial videos when they want to convince the public to make a purchase. It’s simpler than posting reviews on their website. You can create a YouTube channel that reviews products and services. Upload videos with testimonials about products from different niches and check which one has the most views. For the first videos you post on your channel, you should purchase views on YouTube to build a community that helps you build trust around your brand.

Behind-the-scene videos

People are curious. Your public wants to know everything about the topic you are discussing. If you are manufacturing a product, or you are offering a service you should take them behind the scenes through your YouTube channel. Behind-the-scenes videos can gain more than 500k YouTube views if you allow your viewers to witness the process behind manufacturing your products.

Product video

When interested in buying certain IT services or products people want to know how they work. IT providers use video to explain how their products work, and how the customers can benefit from them. If you want to promote a product the public has never used before, you need a high-quality video to present its advantages. The video can help you convince the customers you are promoting a high-quality product they need.

Unboxing videos

People still don’t trust online shopping because they are afraid of paying for a pig in a poke. When placing an order on a website they never heard of, they have doubts they’ll receive the product in the photo. They feel like they are playing the lottery. An unboxing video helps them trust the brand they are buying from. You can create a YouTube channel that collaborates with companies who want to grow their reputation. You order products from different online stores and you film the unboxing process. This type of video convinces the users that the products are high-quality and the provider reliable.

So here are the most popular types of video on YouTube. If you want to reach success, you should produce one of them.