The iOS platform has been in the mobile market for close to 13 years now and over that period of time it has steadily risen to become one of the best and most favored platforms among users. After numerous evolutions and improvements, it now supports millions of apps.

One such app is the TweakBox whose details we’re going to be covering in this piece.

What is TweakBox?

TweakBox is essentially a third party app installer for iOS apps. When there’s an app you’re desperately in need of, TweakBox can almost certainly deliver it. It grants its users access to thousands of apps that have been tweaked and modified in order to achieve optimum performance and user experience. It also avails premium apps for free and all this is achieved without the need of having your Apple device undergo jailbreaking.

How to Download TweakBox App?

To download and install this app involves a fairly easy process. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open Safari browser and go to the TweakBox
  2. On the webpage you’re directed to, click on the ‘configuration profile’ tab to start the download process.
  3. A prompt will pop up on your screen asking you to confirm the installation selection.
  4. Once you confirm this step, the installation will proceed in the background and you can wait for the completion of this process while on your home screen.
  5. When complete, the TweakBox icon will appear on the home screen and you can now tap on it to open the app.
  6. A prompt appears with the message “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Tap on ‘cancel’ and proceed as below.
  7. Open the settings tab and click on ‘General’. Then scroll down to the ‘Profiles and Device Management’.
  8. There you’ll TweakBox find the TweakBox profile name. Tap on it and tap on ‘Trust’.
  9. You are now set and can use the app.

Why do you need?

There are many other 3rd party app installers out in the market all claiming to be the best. TweakBox, however, stands out because:

  • It prioritizes safety for its users i.e. only safe and virus-free apps are availed on its store platform for download.
  • The apps on TweakBox are all free and don’t carry any hidden costs. This is especially important for the premium apps which are normally not accessible otherwise from other platforms.
  • TweakBox removes the need for jailbreaking your phone which would otherwise be a risk factor in damaging your phone.

How to Fix Errors?

Over the course of using TweakBox, you may encounter some errors. Here are some of them and how to deal with them:

  • Blank Screen

Go to the settings tab and select the Safari browser. Tap on ‘clear website data’ and the problem should be addressed.

  • Grey Icon

This is one of the more common errors users are likely to encounter. It arises because of a problem brought about by the presence of an earlier version of TweakBox. To address it, simply uninstall and delete all instances of TweakBox from your device. Power off your device and start it, then perform the download and installation process afresh.

  • Apps and Games Crashing

Download a VPN tool and turn it on whenever you are using the TweakBox or any of the apps downloaded from it.

How to Delete TweakBox?

When you no longer require the services of the TweakBox, removing it from your phone is an easy process. There are two ways of achieving this:

  • From the App icon

Simply locate the TweakBox icon and long-press it. An ‘x’ appears on the top corner of the app. Tap on it and select ‘Delete’ from the prompt that appears. TweakBox is then removed from your phone.

  • From the Setting panel

Go to the General settings tab and tap on profiles and device management. Find TweakBox’s profile and tap it. Select the ‘remove profile’ option and this removes the app from your phone.


Apple’s iOS is a great mobile platform and to fully enjoy its benefits, an app like TweakBox is a sure bet. You can gain access to thousands of modified apps that suit your needs and tastes all while not compromising on safety and legal policies. Download TweakBox today and enjoy your iOS experience more!