The Apple iPod is a fantastic gadget that people of all ages enjoy using and there is a multitude of accessories to choose from making it hard to know which are the best. Everything from protective cases and wireless speakers through to car chargers and headphones are available and accessorising your new gadget can be lots of fun. Check out this list of the top five iPod accessories.


iPod cases not only users to make their iPod more fashionable but they also work to protect them from damage like scratches and scuff marks. Cases come in different colours and styles and some are made from leather whiles others are plastic and it is even possible to get your iPod case adorned with crystals.


All iPod users need a charger and it is not so much an accessory as a necessity. Chargers can be used in cars or in regular outlets and emergency chargers are proving extremely popular as a modern way to charge your iPod. Docking stations also work as a charging system and dual emergency chargers are perfect for users who also own iPads and other compatible mobile devices. If you want to get paid to sell your iPod or you want to sell your charger to buy a new one, you can contact a company that specialises in buying used gadgets by looking online.


Speakers are another popular accessory for the iPod and they come in a range of colours and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Bluetooth wireless speakers are always a fashionable choice and everything from portable to fixed speakers can be used with an iPod. Speakers are available in funky designs such as robot heads and cute pandas or in trendy, modern designs such as cylinders and a speaker is a must-have accessory for any iPod owner.


For those who like to listen to their music in private rather than share it with the rest of the world on a speaker, iPod headphones are the ideal accessory to invest in. Headphones come in different styles including bulky over the head earphones that cannot be missed and more subtle headphones that sit in the ear discretely. Some headphones come with an integrated microphone and noise isolating earphones are perfect for anyone who regularly wears headphones in public on a train on the way to work or in coffee shops during breaks.


iPod owners should always have spare accessories to hand such as spare pens that are easy to lose. It is also a good idea to have a spare charger as you can’t use your iPod without a charger and a spare case is also ideal so that you can change the appearance of your phone as well as protect it if it gets damaged. Spare headphones are good to have if you always listen to your iPod through headphones as they can be small and like the pens, are fairly easy to lose.

Accessorising an iPod is a great way to get the most out of your gadget and you can shop for a range on accessories online by selecting the category that you want to shop in such as ‘headphones’ or ‘cases’.