One of the major highlights of windows 8 are its applications. The windows store offers many social apps which allow you to stay connected with your friends and family. There are many social apps for windows 8 in the windows store which can be downloaded by the search option in the window store .If you wish to remain updated on your social network to get notifications, you may feel the need to download some of the social apps. Below are some of the top social apps for windows 8: :


This is one of the best apps for browsing original content of articles as well as share photos, links and quotes from any app and post it on your blog. This site includes contents from photography, food, entertainment, art, travel etc. It allows you to create new posts and publish them in your blog.

FlipToast :


This is an app which allows you to connect with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in an easy way. It gives you the latest updates on these accounts like notifications, messages and birthday reminders. It also allows you to update your status and photos to share with your friends. Overall it is an all-in-one app social app for windows 8.

Skype :


This is one of the most popular apps for windows 8. With this app it is possible to make voice calls and instant messaging anywhere in the world. It offers features like the live tile which displays the missed calls and messages. This app provides excellent sound and video quality. This is an app which combines features of Google Talk, Hangout and voice.

Facebook Mobile :

Facebook Mobile

With the help of this app you can update your status, share pictures, links and like and comment on the posts. This app also allows you to chat with your friends as well as have group conversations. You can also know what your friends are doing with the help of this app.



This is one of the best twitter apps which is a twitter client for windows 8. It allows you to view tweets, messages and open photo browser to view photos. This app provides a good interface including some of the modern features such as semantic zoom.



This app is an all-in-one app which supports Facebook, Google Talk, Skype and Windows Live and other instant messaging services. With the help of this app you can stay active on all the instant messaging services. The main features of this app include instant messaging, group chat and photo sharing. You can also update your status messages in this app.



This app is one of the best apps available for windows 8. With the help of this app you can post a new content and share it from others. It can be used to find some useful information from the internet. One of the important features of this app is that you can browse reddHub without logging in the account. Other features include scrolling, replying to the comments and links, pinch zoom support for images etc.

Social Dribble :

Social Dribble

This is one of the best apps for checking the recent tweets for the latest topic. It displays a single tweet at a time in a full screen or snapped view. You can also find hash tags which can be used to follow a topic .There is also a clear display of tweets on this app.



This app is an appropriate app for tumblr fans. It allows you to explore the tumblr universe. This app can help you to like and reblog on your own blog easily. It also lets you to share posts from other apps by windows 8 share charm. You can discover many articles and content through this app and share it with your friends.

Ferret :

This app makes use of website and its sharing features in windows 8. You can view multiple streams with the help of this app. You can also post, repost and star the posts. In case you have multiple accounts this app offers advanced features such as filtering, live streaming and muting.

Instametrogram :

This is an app which can be used to view latest photos from your friends as well as view your own images. You can also like and comment on the photos and share them with your friends. This app also gives you notifications when a new image is uploaded. With this app it is easy to discover new photos and save it on your desktop.

StumbleUpon :

This app brings you interesting articles, content, photos and videos from all over the internet. You can choose from a list of about 500 interests which you can share among your friends. This app is designed to provide a full screen experience which gives you endless entertainment.

Rowi :

This app is the best app for twitter users. It has a simple interface which consists of columns for home timeline, direct messages, favourites and media filter. It also contains inline maps and photos. With this app it is possible to share links from other apps. It also sends you latest notifications of new tweets.

NGReader :

This app is the best Google reader app which allows you to view the lists, stories and feed in no time. It has a clean and clear interface which is not crowded. You can get the latest stories and news with the help of this app. This app synchronizes well with the Google reader account.

This app has over 75,000 people asking, answering and sharing knowledge and opinions. There are many categories from which you can browse the questions, reply the questions or join the community. You can also go through the content of your favourite topics from the categories listed in this app. The questions and answers are stored in your account.

These are some of the top social apps for windows 8. If you feel any of the social apps which is best please let us know by commenting below.