India has a population of more than a billion, which is segregated into rural and urban. Mobile phones were introduced late in our country and it was the biggest game changer India has ever seen. We are the land where there are countless job opportunities and emerging startups, courtesy the population. Before the advent of cellular devices, doing business proved to be difficult because of the meager connectivity through landlines and nothing on-the-go. But mobile phones changed the game completely, the businesses thrived and turnovers increased, India became a land of prospering startups.

With so many businesses running simultaneously people needed to have 2 numbers as one number would be solely used for business purposes. Now due to this there rose a problem of carrying two devices and travelling with several gadgets was difficult. This problem kept on rising until phone manufacturers started developing phones with dual-sim capabilities. These provided a huge relief to people who carried two devices to work.

Today in our country over 71 million people use a phone that has dual-sim capability and it’s only about to rise. Furthermore, 71% of people who are going to buy a new phone in the future are going opt for a phone with dual-sim capability.

In the beginning cheap phones of bad quality used to manufacture dual to multiple-sim capable phones and people averted from buying these phones, but due to increase in demand even reputed brands started producing these phones, which were a big hit in India. Today also mostly Android OS smartphones come out with dual-sim capabilities, it’s missing in iPhone and Blackberry devices.

Earlier only one of the two sim slots could be used for internet, but as technology advanced gradually, the user could use both of the slots for internet.

The time of dual-sim 4G phones has arrived and 4G LTE is the fastest internet connection for your cellular devices even beating your home broadband connections!The great news is that mobile phones with dual-sim capabilities can now have both the SIMs connected to 4G LTE networks and don’t need to compromise on any sim card.

The future for telecommunication is bright as more and more users are switching to smartphones with dual to multiple-sim capabilities. The day isn’t far enough when every person in our country will be connected and economic growth of India will increase tremendously.