Today, we need cloud computing for small as well as large business. It has become one of the key elements to drive any business.  But when choosing these platforms, the new users may look at the basic need which is cost. So it is necessary that in order to clear your perspective one should study both cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud).

As we look in the market, we have three main cloud platforms available for your business. These platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. The fierce competition between these platforms results in cheap and most efficient services. These platforms are very useful to grow your business.

Microsoft Azure VS Google Cloud: Features

The customer compares these platforms on the basis of cost and need but beyond these things, features are quite an interesting factor in comparing. Features separate these heavyweights cloud platforms from one another.

In general, comparing the basic features is best suited to select the best platform. That’s how you will get the desired outcome. Like if you are looking for data analytics & visualization, Azure is considered as the most progressive in this area.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure equally provides an enormous collection of features. This will add certain values according to the type of user. But they add value by providing certain capabilities based on the number of users. But still, you need Azure training to be a specialist.

  • The most interesting part of this platform is that it will enable large organizations to earn benefits by committing usage to Azure.
  • One more beneficial feature of this platform is that it has competitive pricing and flexible billing. You can master it after completing Azure training.
  • Talking about another feature differentiator to Microsoft Azure is its degree of certification which states that they have more than any other cloud provider.
  • The security feature of this platform is one of the strongest pillars of trust which is quite similar to the AWS (Amazon Web Services). Learn more about this by completing an Azure Security Compliance course online.

Google Cloud Features

Google Cloud is the most historical cloud provider and is throwing itself into Enterprise Computing. Here we have lots of features which can easily lure the users towards its interface.

Google Cloud has got following three key points behind their solutions which are mentioned below: –

  1. The first one is its awesome Future-Proof Infrastructure.
  2. The second one is it is Powerful Data & Analytics.
  3. It is Server-less as it comprises of Code only.

These aforementioned features make this platform one of the most famous cloud platforms in the market. Google cloud is reliable and completely based on user satisfaction.


Lots of users are trying to find the most appropriate cloud platform but after comparing overall performance of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure we can say that the user can choose the desired platform according to their priorities. You should also keep in mind which will be more useful to the organization.