Are you a fan of Anime and Cartoons? Then you must have a great childhood, that is how the saying goes, and it is true that Anime from 1990 were the best ones and it paid the path to where we are, the Anime world has changed ever since. If you are watching anime from the past then, did you know there are Anime which are from the 1990 and they are still Aired in this very year?

Anime has an impact on the Globe now, and many of them are in demand for instance “Dragon Ball Super, ” but the problem is that not many know about the show because it is only available in few countries like USA, UK, AUS and much more.

Do you want to watch Anime Online then you need to know about the Kissanime or uAnime Android app, learn about the features and benefits you get from it.

Half of the Anime launched worldwide are not broadcasted all over the world. There are much Anime like Dragon Ball Super which is not shared with the people because of the popularity and demand of the Anime. Channels cannot afford the shows to air on these small viewer countries. Then how you can watch shows? Is there any solution to watch Anime outside of the Television?

Kissanime Android app – uAnime App – Watch Anime Like Crazy

Did you know that there is a site which is huge and also have premium Anime on it? The name is KissAnime. You can Google the site and check out the site from latest to the old ones. You can find almost any popular series which has been aired in 1990 or from 2016.

Kissanime Android app – Features

  • The videos or you can say that they are the Episodes are in High quality from 360P to 720P resolution, which is awesome.
  • You can find full episodes and the completed series.
  • The episodes on the KissAnime are in subbed and also available in DUB, which is the good thing in any Anime.
  • Latest episodes are regularly updated, and you can check that on the homepage.
  • The Episodes which you watch, the player does not use flash player, and it uses a lightweight player which will also work in the old smartphones as well.
  • The sound clarity is decent.
  • If you are on the PC, then you can choose the flash player option as well.
  • The website has inbuild Night Mode.
  • The website has option especially when the video is not playing, in the bottom, you can Click Here option will play the video in the browser player.
  • When you have an Android app, ADS will be removed.
  • You can add comments without using any third-party comment plugin like Disqus.
  • KissAnime does not face any downtime because they control three servers.

Minimum Requirements To Run The App

  • Android 4.2 or above.


It is not difficult when you have the Android app on the best Anime steamer on the Internet. Kissanime is something I have used personally for almost year now and the services are pretty great. The site is simply awesome even without the Android app but the app is very useful and you can access the Kissanime and the content in just one tap.

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