There is an app for just about everything to aid us in our day-to-day needs. There are those that help us check our emails, navigate around cities by functioning as a GPS, enable us to read books without a physical copy, predict the weather, play games, listen to music, watch movies and what not. And if you’re an avid shopper, then we have just the app for you here in this article.

What Is Kimbino?

Kimbino App

The Kimbino app is a one of a kind app that comes with a single and simple purpose: to help users save money, time and the planet. Kimbino gives users access to deal from various dealers from different countries around the world.

The application is absolutely free, easy to understand and use as well as offer users access to up-to-date leaflets and catalogs from many stores in different countries. These leaflets contain discounts from all of your favorite online retailers. At the moment, Kimbino covers over 32 countries and has already started its online services in Canada and every single time a new catalog is released, it is uploaded right into the app. With this, you will have access to special offers and deals like discount prices and discounts in shops where saving is painless.

Being that the app is user-friendly, the flyers are arranged in 6 categories including Supermarkets, Housing and Gardening, Electronics, Clothing, Shoes and Sports, Cosmetics and Other.

At the moment, Kimbino is available for download on Android smartphones, but it hopes to become a cross-promotional app sometime in the future. Once installed, it is possible for you to use Kimbino, with or without signing up. If you do decide to sign up and create your own personal account, you can take advantage of other built-in apps such as store labels and add them to your favorites. Doing this will enable you to be immediately prompted with notifications whenever a new flyer comes around to ensure that you’re always the first to know and take advantage of the discounted offer and deal before anyone else does


Kimbino provides a plethora of perks, one of which is that you don’t even have to register to use it. All you have to do is simply download it from the app store, wait for it to install automatically and you’re already good to go. You can also see every new leaflet that arrives right on your Android smartphone screen or just browse through them online at your own convenience.

Kimbino practically comes loaded with a barrage of advantages that are automatically yours to keep and use upon download. One of the app’s most touted aspects is that it allows you to save money thanks to the wide range of leaflets that are made available to the screen of your mobile device.

You can view all of the catalog deals from your country’s major retailers and start planning for your weekly and monthly shopping sprees. You get discounts from a variety of products from groceries to electronics. There are also special programs that you can automatically be alerted right when one of your favorite retailers starts running them.

Another great thing about using Kimbino is that all of the advertisements, leaflets, and discounts that you get to view them online without the need for a physical newspaper, magazines, brochures, or anything else that uses paper. That’s because we are all about environmental protection. It is our love for the planet that also serves as the concept behind this app. Not only will you be able to save up on money, but because it doesn’t rely on paper, Kimbino is doing mother nature a favor by not having to cut down trees to produce paper at pulp mills, which are known to cause air, water, and land pollution. It even spares the huge cleanup cost for discarded paper as well. Because of this, our customers get to be more ecological thanks to our app.

Another great plus about registering yourself to Kimbino is that you will have access to stock brochures in every company that the app recognizes and operates in. So if you’re going on vacation to places like Australia, France or the Republic of South Africa, Kimbino will inform you of their stock flyers in real-time.

Save with Kimbino

All in all, Kimbino is perhaps the ultimate coupon solution that you or anyone else for that matter can have access to. It is a great app to use, especially if your country is recognized by it. Even though you can’t use the app every day, you can use that gap between now and the day of your shopping to plan ahead, which can save you a lot of money in the end.

Kimbino lets you bookmark the retailers that you like the most so that you get to know all of the best deals and special offers without missing out on a single second to use them. You can choose not to register yourself to the app if you like, but we recommend you do so if you want to use the extra features that come with this app, for free no less.