The most important asset in any business is the employees. Keeping the people working for you safe and happy should be the top priority in all cases. One of the easiest ways to do this is through proper safety and quality assurance standards around the office. Even the best can always find some way to get even better, So here’s three ways to improve health and safety in the workplace that you can put into action right now.

1. Regular Safety Checks

All the fire alarms and sprinklers in the world won’t do a thing if they don’t work. Taking regular safety checks seriously is a major part of ensuring the health and safety of a workplace, so don’t slouch when it’s that time of year. Make tests comprehensive and thorough, testing alarms, sprinklers, fire exit viability, wiring, and the usefulness of extinguishers as a start. Just checking is only the beginning, though, as fixing things that are broken is even more crucial. While this should be the next logical step, far too many will put these kinds of crucial decisions off for weeks or months at a time.

2. Risk Management

Managing potential risks is a major factor in ensuring the safety of your employees. Depending on the industry you’re in, there may be an inherent amount of risk in what you do, so learning the trade offs for certain tasks and how best to minimize the danger is an integral part of the work day. To help with this, try a compliance and risk management program like those from Mitratech to help point you in the right direction and streamline the process of integrating new technology and simplifying the workflow.

3. Provide Resources

While infrastructure is important, the vast majority of safety issues in the workplace will eventually find their way back to human error. The reasons for this are extremely varied from a simple accident to a deliberate bad decision, but one good way to counter this is by offering resources to help your employees as an employer. Whether these be ways of making task completion easier, mental health help and information, or simply better benefits, all of these serve to make for a less stressful, more rewarding working experience. In turn, this leads to far fewer incidents from people within the workplace and a better workplace for everyone involved.

While there’s a lot that can be done to ensure the health and safety of those in the workplace, these three tips are a good place to start no matter what industry you might be a part of.