Android is one hell of a platform of possibilities, and the smartphone market is currently covered with the Android-running smartphones. Android now owned by Google. Who are keeping working to make Google take advantage of the smartphone OS giant Android? There are indeed many things which can be done with the help of Android, but Google is working on adding new features where they can work out something extraordinary.

How To Track Your Friends Whereabouts on Android

In the pursuit, they have planned out many things which some of them are privacy invaders, and there is a high risk of someone else stealing your information, and few has very decent uses of it.

How To Track Your Friends Whereabouts on Android

Google recently launched an app, which allows your family, friends, and close amigo to keep an eye on you. It might sound a little creepy but not like it will it hurt you virtually. Ther app is designed to make you feel safe and secure even when you are walking alone at 12PM in the town.

How it works? Well it isn’t that difficult, all you need to do is to download the app and let the app take you to the dashboard then you can add them email address of the person whom you trust and give them the permission to track you.

Google wants their users to be safe, by this app you are allowing your parents, siblings and spouse to keep a tab on you all the time. You can only add the trusted people to do so.

Now does this work? Well there is an option, when the trusted is sick and worried about you then he/she can track your exact location and you get to choose between Yes/No. In case, if you don’t respond to either of the option then the location address will be sent automatically.

FLAWS: Misuse or Abuse

There is no point in arguing that the Google main purpose of the app is to help the users to stay close to the loved ones. However, it has some flaws which are completely privacy invaders. If you are accepting someone’s request to look after you virtually then you are ultimately giving them the permission to control you.

You will get the options like if you had involved a feud with your family and you broke up then you can remove them from the list. However, the world is big and it is difficult to find who has ill intentions then if you agree to give them the permission to look after you then you are doomed because you have handed over your locations to the culprit.


The App name is “Trusted Contacts“, you can download the app from the Google Play Store directly, it is free and always will be. Remember, learn everything about the app before you use it because the app has advantages and disadvantages at the same time.

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