Everywhere we look, there are signs that the planet is suffering as a result of climate change. Not-so-natural disasters, melting ice caps, and an increase in endangered species are only a few reasons why environmentalists are calling for change. Though this may seem like an impossible task, one too big to even entertain, there are certain habits you can change that will help the planet. Starting small is the best way to go about this. In fact, in a world where technology is becoming interwoven with our daily lives, it’s a great idea to make use of it in your quest to save the environment.

Invest in green transport options

The way we navigate our way around is now largely dominated by technology. High-speed trains in Europe and China give a glimpse into a futuristic landscape, and electric cars are being produced in high volumes. Yet, investing in these areas can be expensive, and sometimes doesn’t fit seamlessly into our everyday lives.

Though it’s a tip that has become a mantra in recent years, it’s a great idea to use alternative forms of transport- like trains or busses- when you can do so in place of a car. For short distances, walking is certainly the best option. For avid car users, there are still ways you can help.

When you are considering buying a new vehicle, don’t buy a new model. High carbon emissions in the manufacturing process and lower fuel efficiency make used cars an attractive prospect. For many, buying second-hand is not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but you can also buy high-class cars that are just as luxurious as new models; for instance, you can find the popular Golf 7 GTI for sale, as well as Mercedes-Benz and many Honda models. No production fumes and high quality, stylish cars make better companions for the planet, and for you. If you can car share, your footprint will shrink even smaller.

Use your technology over paper

Paper waste is one of the biggest problems humanity has caused. Deforestation, incorrect disposal, and over the top demand are all parts of what makes it so detrimental to our world. Online community The World Counts found that over a third of our waste is made up of paper, despite recycling methods being pioneered. Luckily, there are many ways that everyday technology can help you cut out paper from your life.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is by moving your storage online, which will also help you free up space in your home. Environmentalists suggest going ‘paperless’ with the help of technology. Correspondence has already moved from letters to instant messaging and text messages. These days, you can get bank statements, newspapers, and other important documents online. A host of safety measures are also in place to ensure your details won’t be going anywhere. If you have a smartphone, you won’t even have to power up your laptop to reap these benefits, and emails can be sent at the touch of a button.

Thisis something that is incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily life, especially as the younger iGeneration are growing up with technology surrounding them.