The free Skype messenger does not provide a record button for you to record the Skype calls. Only the business version of Skype has a record button. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot record your Skype calls on the free Skype messenger. It is recommended that you get a screen capture software like Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to record videos calls conducted on Skype. First, you must open the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac program and click on the Record screen button.

You are to click the cross hair cursor on the Skype video call screen so that an orange border line is drawn around it. To record Skype calls on Mac, you have to enable system audio for recording the other person talking to you as well as enabling the microphone button to record yourself talking on the microphone. You are recording your friend talking to you on the Skype video call so there is no need to enable the webcam feature. Any part of the Skype video call can be deleted afterwards by clicking on the edit captured files button in the welcome screen.

The estimated size of the recorded Skype video call and how much space is left on your hard disk are shown on the control panel. If the video has a lot of colors, it will take more space on the hard disk. Plain color video usually only takes a few KB compared to recording color video which will take up at least a few MB. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is useful for recording important Skype video calls.

Recording the Skype call allows you to play back and jot down the important information that is being discussed during the video call. When the Skype call has ended, you can press the stop button and save it in a compressed video format like MP4. Movavi Screen Capture for Mac uses a SuperSpeed technology to ensure the video is compressed properly without any loss in the quality.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a great deal because it includes the fully functioning Movavi video editor. You can load your Skype call into the Movavi video editor by dragging it into the timeline or access the Add Media Files menu. To cut off the unwanted part, you need to use the scissor tool which is accessible from the tool bar. The scissor tool will cut the footage wherever the red marker line is.

After cutting out the unwanted clip, you must select it and press the delete key on the keyboard. You can add animated title as an introduction on the Skype video you make with the title style tool. There are lots of choices of title styles and you can preview each one to see which one works the best for the video. You can also add callouts on the video to direct the audience’s attention on something. There are various types of callouts to choose from including animated arrow, animated cross, arrow outline and etc.