Whatsapp is one of the traditional primary messengers for many users around the world. Whatsapp has been used by millions of people, and even your friends are using it. Whatsapp has been one of the favorite apps which have even crossed Facebook regarding success and Whatsapp does not have any monetization programs running on the Whatsapp, which makes the Whatsapp premium app for users.

Whatsapp has been evolved from initial stage to top level by enhancing the services. You can check that WhatsApp has added many options such as Video calling, Group chats, Media and more within a matter of years. Whatsapp has decided to sell the company to the social networking giant Facebook, and the company has also decided to make it clear that the Facebook is not allowed to run ADS or do any monetization, which Facebook has agreed. The Whatsapp founders agreed then paid a huge amount.

How To Delete Whatsapp Sent Messages

Whatsapp has sold their company to the facebook after that the Facebook has not fired or replaced the employees; instead, they asked them to do more for the Facebook. The amazing part of the contract is that the team of Whatsapp has been working on new features seamlessly and also adding Facebook ideas into it.

How To Delete Whatsapp Sent Messages

Facebook and Whatsapp Initiate

The only question remains that the new features do not support older smartphone running an old version of Android. Whatsapp developers intent to add more features and also make sure that their services work on the older smartphone, where Facebook apps work smoothly on an older smartphone like Facebook Lite.

Whatsapp New Feature

Whatsapp has added a new feature which allows the users to delete messages to the people who you have sent. You can send messages and delete them after sent or even after seen by the recipient. Have you ever imagined that you are using a messenger and you have sent an unexpected message to any individual then you cannot delete it but you can now. You can erase that text and even media so that you can undo your mistake.

How To Delete Messages in Whatsapp Beta

If you have Whatsapp on your smartphone and you have a message which you want to delete then you need to download Whatsapp beta on your smartphone. Now you are wondering that is it simple to do that or is there any dedicated option for that.

  • Launch Whatsapp beta.
  • Once you have launched you can open the chat, where you want to delete the messages.
  • Once you are there, Tap and Hold the message
  • A pop-up will appear and you can delete the message.


Whatsapp has evolved from the very beginning and it has become a giant in texting. Whatsapp has stopped providing the services to the older smartphone, which is a disadvantage. Whatsapp new features will enable many users to use the app more openly as they can delete the messages which have sent by mistakenly.

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