Learning a new electronic design software may initially seem like something that could be a massive headache, but it doesn’t have to be.  Even the best electronic design software packages have lots of different support options around them to make the learning experience one that is not something to stress out about.  You will find that a lot of individuals or companies will actually stick to some really old software packages as they fear the unknown and will not venture into the arena of learning the newest tools.

This is clearly alarming as you will find that the most modern packages have all the right updates that are designed to make the life of the end user far easier.  Below are some examples of the different training options that the best electronic design software companies offer in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Face to Face

If there is the correct level of demand, then face to face training is probably the most popular option but also highly effective.  Here, the people being trained are then able to hear this coming directly from the expert’s mouth.  The training packages in these instances are generally delivered by people that are from the software company and know all the ins and outs of the software.  Sometimes, the training provider will run these courses in different elements to cover all types of people. There may be beginner courses for those that have never touched the package (or a similar package) before.  Intermediate or expert courses – these may better suit people who have experience of the software but are maybe just looking for some sort of refresh. We definitely recommend having face to face training.


Another popular way of learning the software is via webinar.  This modern method allows people to log on to a session at the allocated time and get online training from the experts.  There are many advantages to this which include the hassle-free way of learning directly from the comfort of your workplace or home without the need to travel.  In addition to this, the webinars are usually downloadable so that once completed, you can watch again if need be.  There is usually always the option to also have interaction with the tutor during this session via the chat board.


There are sometimes specific videos that can be downloaded that give you a comprehensive “How To” guide.  These videos are created by the software providers and cover many different elements.  For example, if there has been a version update of the software package, the provider may just create a 5 or 10-minute video that outlines the main changes to the software so that it focusses very specifically on this change.  A great positive about this sort of learning is that once you download the video you can watch it again and again, even pausing it for parts that you individually are seeking clarification on.

Make sure to improve the way that you learn new software.