There is a good news for clash of clans lovers. Now you don’t have to wait so long to unlock various achievements in the game. In easier words, You can play clash of clans with no waiting time required to upgrade buildings, training troops etc. Isn’t this amazing? In this article we are going to show you to play clash of clans with no waiting + unlimited gems and other resources using clash of magic – Best COC private Server.

Clash of Magic is a wonderful app which provides you unlimited gems to overcome all game limitations. As you keep on advancing in the game the upgrade time further increases to about 60 days for a single building to get upgraded. This is why many players find this game frustrating after a certain point of time. The game is really time consuming where you have to wait for your troops to get ready before you attack. Clash of Magic S1 server will overcome this game limitation for you. You don’t need to root your device to install COM S1 Apk, Just follow the instructions given below and enjoy your game.

Clash of magic Private Server S1 Info

App Name Clash Of Magic APK
Version Clash of Magic S1 version 11
Genre Strategy
Download On Clashservers.Net
Android Version Android 4.1+
Last Updates On 1 day ago

Clash of magic Server S1 Features

Its more fun to play clash of clans game on a private server. Clash of Clans players find it really annoying when they have to wait for long upgrades. This is the reason clash of magic S1 is one of the most popular clash of clans private server. Clash of Magic private servers provide unlimited resources like gems, Elixir, Dark elixir and gold so that you can play this game in a complete trouble free way.

Clash of Magic also provides you custom unlimited heroes. These heroes are much more powerful and have more abilities as compared to real game heroes. If you are a true clash lover then you will love using these heroes in your attacks.

Gems Unlimited
Elixir Unlimited
Gold Unlimited
Building Timing Zero
Heroes Unlimited

How to install Clash of Magic S1 Apk on your phone? [No Root Required]

Follow these steps to install Clash of Magic S1 on your android phone. You can only download this app from official website (Link is given Above).

Step1: Open Clash of Magic download link given above.

Step2: Download and install clash of Magic server S1 (Latest) Apk file.

Note: This App is updated every week. We recommend you to bookmark the download page on your device (Press ctrl+D) so it is easier for you to download updates in future.

Step3: Log in to your clash of clans Account and enjoy your game.

Gameplay: Clash of Magic Server S1 By Michael

Clash of Magic private server working (Proof).

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