Affiliate marketing will work very well when it is done rightly. Just because anybody can get the affiliate link does not mean that a person will be successful. Making use of the affiliate marketing to grow your online brand takes much more than this. It takes strategy, time, and plenty of hustle to see the right results. It will not happen overnight. One harsh truth is many people will not see the results that they are hoping for. There are times when it works and sometimes it falls flat. Thus, can you find success as the affiliate marketer?

The following are some best sites which you can follow to learn strategies:


WireCutter was established in the year 2011 by the founder Brian Lam, the former Editorial Director in Gizmodo, after getting fed up with his advertising model of the traditional media empires. Today, WireCutter focuses on to do some intensive testing as well as research to create the in-depth and the useful product guides that will help the readers to pick the right products in the wide variety of categories. This is one of the digital marketing affiliate businesses that you will find on the internet.


Lucie’s List was established in 2015 and was highly impressed by how quiet they have grown their content & traffic. This site uses the good silo structure, which definitely helps many to achieve the high rankings for the biggest keywords of this niche. The marketing team behind this website has done a good job of promoting the website. They also have successfully secured the mentions & link placements on the top general & industry-specific publications. The Lucie’s List started getting very popular from the newsletter, named “Crib Notes.” When you open the website, you are greeted with the popup to subscribe to the newsletter. Besides the name & email, they ask for baby’s actual birthday or due date so she will send timely & relevant content to her subscriber. These 3 reasons, and coupled with some good content, are the reason why newsletter is very popular and also her largest channel.


OGL is around since the year 2010 and is the largest and highly trusted place for the outdoor product reviews. Just like WireCutter, OGL has the intensive testing procedure to review & pick out best products you can recommend for the audience that is described in complete detail over here OutdoorGear Labs is not focused on to make a lot of money possible. The affiliate links are difficult to find. Evident by its ability for the users to create the account and write own product or brand reviews in comments, they will see more of value in building the community than to make a fast income. You can even follow the Journal Review blog for interesting marketing tips.

Common Kinds of the Affiliate Marketing Channels


An influencer is a person who holds power to impact purchasing decisions of the large segment of the population. And this person is in a great position of benefiting from the affiliate marketing. They boast the impressive following, thus it is simply easy for them in directing consumers to seller’s products by social media posts and blogs or other interactions with the followers. Influencers then get the share of profits that they helped in creating.


With an ability to rank it organically in the search engine queries, the bloggers excel in increasing the seller’s conversions. Blogger samples their product and service and writes the comprehensive review that will promote the brand in a compelling way, and drive more traffic back to seller’s site. Blogger is then awarded for their influence of spreading this word about the value of a product and helping to improve seller’s sales.


Developing & monetizing microsites will also garner the serious amount of revenue and sales. These websites are marketed within the partner website or on sponsored listings of the search engine. They’re separate and distinct from the organization’s main website. So, by offering focused and relevant content to the specific audience, the microsites will lead to the increased conversions because of their easy and straightforward call for action.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is the perfect solution for people who are looking to get control of their income just by focusing on the performance-based options. Working in line with the seller, motivated affiliate marketer can achieve the passive income from the comfort of their own home without any worry about producing own product and service.