In today’s world technology is growing at a higher rate. At the same time, the number of application developers is increasing constantly. As a result, new cycling apps are launched on the market on a daily bases. There is a cycling app for every activity taking place in your ride from recording and monitoring your training progress, to reporting potholes in our routes.

With a large number of cycling apps in the market, you may feel confused when selecting the app that works perfectly on your needs. In case you are in such a situation, you need to worry less. In this article, we discuss top ten best cycling apps for Android devices in the market today.

#1. Strava

Strava is one of the best bike GPS cycling apps. If you are looking for an all in one cycling app, Strava is all that you need. The app can track your rides statistics including your riding speed, duration, to distance covered. It also keeps track of your routes and places you have been. Strava is also set to give you updates of the new records.

At the end of your riding activity, you can use the app to view how much calories you have burned. As a result, your body health remains a priority. The app is available for iOS and Android devices at a free price. However, to become a premium Strava member, there are charges for the extra services offered. For more information, visit

#2. Bike Computer

The bike computer is among the most amazing cycling apps you can consider getting in the market. It is capable of recording and storing statistics based on your riding pace, distance, elevation, and your route. One of the characteristics that make it unique is its Bluetooth-ready heart monitors.

The dark screen mode reduces energy consumption increasing its time of service. Bike computer cycling app is also a battery efficient by 12% making sure that you rarely run out of power. The app is available on free charges for iOS and Android devices.

#3. Relive

Another great cycling app is the relive cycling app. It captures and records your data on Garmin Connect, Endomono, Strava or Polar. Later, the data is transferred to a unique running app. Relive cycling app is capable of recording your riding speed, heart beat rate, distance covered as well as naps taken during the ride.

The app is available on free charges for iOS and Android devices. To subscribe to Suffertest, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee. For more information, visit, and learn more on the benefits of the app.

#4. Garmin Connect Cycling App

For bike riders who use recent Garmin Edge GPS unit, Garmin Connect cycling app will be of great help. You can use the app to upload your ride records to Garmin website. The website can afterward share this information with Strava or MyFitnessPal. As a result, you can keep track of your ride and let those following you know where you are riding from.

Another greatest feature is its calendar which allows you to have a quick and easy review of your past cycling activities. This app is available for Android, iOS devices as well as the Microsoft Windows 10 mobile. If you wish to learn more about the app, visits connect

#5. Endomondo

Unlike other apps, Endomondo is a simple to operate cycling app. The app can record the duration of your ride, the speed and the calories burned. Heartbeat monitoring is just but another function that the app can be used for. It keeps a full record on your training making sure that you do not have to worry on how to track your progress anymore.

Endomondo cycling app is available for Android and iOS devices at a free charge. However, the premium version comes with charges for the extra features. For more information about the app, visit

#6. Fill That Hole Cycling App

If your route is full of potholes, one of the best cycling apps that will ensure that these holes are filled by the relevant authority is Fill That Hole app. By using the app, you are relieved of the burden of seeking to know which department is responsible for such cases. It gets the work done faster rather than waiting to get home or into a cyber to research where to report the presence of potholes in your route.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices at free charges. If you wish to learn more about how this app operates visit

#7. BBC Weather Cycling App

When you want to take a ride, you can never ignore what will be the expected weather condition in your area. By doing this, you will be able to make a wise selection on the type of clothes you need to wear. BBC Weather cycling app is here to help you with this challenge. Its weather predictions are reliable, and so far, it is considered to be the best weather cycling app.

#8. MapMyRide

One of the best apps that you can use to find out which other cycling routes are available in your area is MapMyRide cycling app. It is for this reason that it is considered to be among the best cycling app for those who love to explore their environment. It is free of charge to install the app, but for those who prefer premium version, there are charges for the extra services.

MapMyRide is available for iOS and Android devices. For those who wish to learn more about the app, visit

#9. St John Ambulance First Aid for Cycling

We may forget that we are likely to face accidents while taking a bike ride. When accidents occur, first aid care is the first thing you need to do. And for this reason, St. John Ambulance developed a first aid app that equips you as a cyclist with basic skills to handle common injuries associated with cycling accidents.

You can install the app at free charges and is available for both the iPhone and Android devices.

#10. CycleStreets.png

It is always advisable to plan your routes before you take a ride. One of the best apps to help you with this is the CycleStreets cycling app. The app helps in A to B route plan in three different modes to suit all the cyclists. CycleStreets cycling app is available for both Android and iOS devices at free charges.

One of the best ways to spend your leisure time is by taking a bike ride around the neighborhood. It is not only a way to keep your mind relaxed but a way to keep your body physically fit. However, with an appropriate cycling app, your bike riding will turn into an amazing activity.

Consider installing one of the above cycling apps, for a chance to make your cycling activities more enjoyable.