If you have a smartphone, you no doubt have several apps downloaded to your device. In addition to your favorite games and music apps, consider other types of must-have apps for your cell phone.

1. Financial/banking apps. If you bank with a local or online bank, or have a credit card account in your name, download your issuer’s app. Practically every bank and credit card company has an app that lets customers check their balances, transfer money and pay their bills directly from their smartphones. With your bank’s information at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a due date or overdraft your account.

2. E-book reader. Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone or a tablet computer, downloading an e-book reader gives you instant access to your favorite books. You can store digital copies of multiple books on your device, which conveniently provides reading material while you’re sitting in a waiting room or riding the subway.

3. Transportation apps. Are you visiting a new city, but don’t know your way around? Most cell phones have a built-in GPS that provides turn by turn directions. But with a mobile transportation app, you can download complete maps for metropolitan areas, subway maps, bus route maps, as well as check local traffic conditions. Download this information to your cell phone and you don’t have to carry a map, or look like a tourist.

4. Home security apps. If you have a security system and a security company, apps like Vivint let you manage your home’s security from any location. Enjoy features such as home surveillance, electronic door lights and remote access. And with apps like Vivint, you can adjust your home’s temperature and turn lights off and on with your phone.

5. Restaurant apps. If you enjoy eating out, but can never decide a place, download a restaurant app. Apps like Urbanspoon give you quick access to restaurants in your local area. You can filter by cuisine, location and price. Compare reviews written by journalists and real customers, as well as make a reservation from your cell phone.

Apps available for download are plentiful. And with so much information at your fingertips, you can easily use your smartphone more than your computer.