Customization means Android is the finest example and I would like to say that Android is highly customizable. This is one of the major factors why Android is pretty popular. The new aspect of customization is what many developers are trying to take advantage and throw some technique with creativity which they have within them.

Bored of the default notification bar? then why don't edit the into something awesome? 5 Android Apps to make your N bar awesome.

If you own an Android smartphone like Samsung, HTC, Gionee, LG, Red or any other brands, then you have the opportunity to enhance the richness of having an Android smartphone. Android has offered users to customize the smartphone to another level along the Google privacy policy is accepts the apps on the store. Let’s look at some of the best Notification customizers for Android smartphones

5 Android Apps to Customize the Notification Bar

1. iNoty OS 10 PRO – Do you like iOS?

Apple has one of the excellent interfaces, and it has a unique touch which nobody can copy or create something equal to it. Even the Android interface does not stand against the Apple iOS interface. If you want to experience the iPhone notification interface, then you can click on the Android smartphone. All you need is this app which enables you to customize it and make it look more like the iPhone notification bar.

2. Notification Toggle

Notification toggle is very useful when you want to access your favorite social profiles apps. You can access your social profiles by creating shortcuts on the notification bar.

3. Status – A Unique App

Status is something which can be considered as the basic function, but it does have some unique uses to it. When you access the status, you have plenty of things on the status bar. Did you know by using Status Android app you can customize only the Status bar and you can change the icons of every option on the status bar from Wifi to sound profile, You can even modify the color to your preferences.

4. Snap Swipe Drawer – Some of you may like it

The app is based on the widgets and is the real example that widgets do add a lot of value to the smartphone and its functions. Once you install the app on your smartphone, you will be able to place widgets on your notification bar, and now you are wondering how it can be useful? The real question almost everyone asked it. The answer is that you can multitask when you are using the notification. Your notification bar does not get affected because the option remains in the same place, but the widgets get installed on the other side which helps you perform multiple tasks on the same notification bar.

5. Material Status Bar Notify

Whether you use it or not but this app something you should try because it has few features which are not available on any other notification app.


The notification bar is something we access at least ten times in a day. Default bar gets annoying, but you can use the apps to make it more interesting and add useful stuff in it so that you can make it look better. All of the apps are for free for download on Playstore.

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