There is a wide range of smartphones in the current techno market. These smartphones feature some awesome new features which can easily amaze everyone, such as with the recently launched Windows Phone8 operating system. It is becoming one of the most popular operating system for mobile devices in a very short period of time. If you are a windows Phone users, this article is going to be worthwhile for you. Here are the top best apps for Windows Phone. Take a look and see if they’re right for you. If so, start installing them right away!

1. gMaps Pro :

As the name says, it is more like Google maps. If you have ever used Gmaps than you can easily figure out this app too. It has the entire feature like the original Google maps. All the functions and features are available in this app.

2. Freda :

Do you like to read books in your free time? Love to increase your knowledge just by reading good stuff? Want to purchase an EBook reader? If YES, then no need to go anywhere. If you are a Windows phone user then here is a treat. Freda is there to fulfill all your wishes. Freda is an app which is available for free for all the Windows Phone users from the Windows Store. It is more like an e-Book reader which is there with some cool functionality. This app supports almost all kinds of file formats like EPUB, FB2, HTML and TXT.

3. Metrogram

Have you ever heard about Instagram? I’m sure you have. Metrogram is as same as Instagram. This is the only Windows app which serves the same experience like Instagram does. One cool thing about this app is you are allowed to login in through your Instagram account. You can like, comment or share anything just like Instagram with your Instagram account. Isn’t it cool? If you do not have an Instagram account you can simply make a new one with Metrogram. Simple as that!

4. Rowi

Are you a Social Network addict? Love to Tweet a lot? Then this is for you. Rowi is the only Twitter app which interacts with Twitter users directly and deliver the most from it. It provides a clean and simple user interface, everyone can use this app. It is less complex and with some awesome functionality too. Rowi has a bunch of amazing features in it and I’m sure you are going to love this app.