In the world of web design, using the wrong tools will set your skills back to the Stone Age. As technology continues to advance, there is always some new app or tool to try out. While staying up to date may sound daunting, it can help make your life as a web design a bit easier.

When it comes to exploring the best software and tools in the world of technology, designers are always in search of the best web design tools for their projects. While you may find a ton of resources online, not all of them provide the quality you would expect to use. There are different free and paid professional web design tools available in the market to help designers achieve greater results and keep them ahead of the competition.

While there are various things to consider as a web designer, students from some of the best graphic design schools admit just how useful these tools are for their tasks. With the use of quality tools, web designing can be a whole lot easier and even make room for more creativity. You can build apps and websites to become more interesting and attractive as well as save time.

Here are the top 3 web design tools you need right now.


As a prototyping tool that does not require coding, the tool is great for users looking for a clear canvas. Users can draw in Photoshop and Sketch using Atomic. The tool also allows you to create unique transitions and elements with their advanced motion timeline. What’s more is that these prototypes can be shared with other users for feedback all in one source.

Pattern Lab

Created by Brad Frost and David Olsen, Pattern Lab is a pattern-driven design tool that is based on the basic concept of Atomic design. The main strategy is to break down your design into small details and combine them to complete the image you instead to build. This will allow you to save specified components that can able be used for other templates.

Affinity Designer

With a strong reputation as “the killer of Photoshop,” the Affinity Designer is a well-designed app that useful for web and graphic designs. From the 1,000,000% zoom to endless history features, this tool allows you to retrace your steps back to the beginning. What’s more is that Affinity has kept the familiar layout of Photoshop to prevent the struggle of starting over. This allows users to jump right in and start designing.

As the latest technologies and effective tools have the ability to reduce the complexity of the details that goes into web design, creative experts can enhance their skills and make the most out of their quality talent and tools. Try these web design tools to help you improve your quality output.