React is an essential tool in a reputable front-end developer inventory so far. This JS library is meant for building user interfaces. It is often compared to other similar technologies like jQuery and even JS frameworks like Vue.js. Some time ago, Railsware, a prominent product studio, published a blog post where they reviewed differences between Angular and React in an attempt to find out which one is more feasible for the front-end. All this is the evidence of the library’s rising popularity in the web development. And there are many companies and businesses that have already opted for React.

As a rule, if we ask Google about the examples of web apps built with React, it provides versatile results where one can read about Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other well-known products. However, these stir less or no interest in the majority of readers. On the other side, a good read about some unusual and out-of-the-way use cases seems more attractive. So, we took a list of sites using React on GitHub and cut it up to 10 worthwhile examples.


This software company is known for numerous products for the small to large businesses. They are Jira Service Desk (a tool with self-service, automation, and customer satisfaction survey reporting), Confluence (a content collaboration software), Trello (a project management tool) and others solutions for tracking, planning, support, security, and collaboration. All the related information about Atlassian can be found in their web app, which is built using React.


Beroomers is the name of the global housing marketplace where interns, students, as well as other interested people can find a place for accommodation in a particular destination. As for now, the service supports 50+ cities across Germany, Spain, Hungary, UK, United States, and so on. Beroomers is similar to another famous hospitality service, Airbnb, which, by the way, also leverages React. The difference is that the latter is aimed at short-term accommodation, while Beroomers focuses on the mid-term housing options.


Owners of restaurants and small public catering services face many typical problems in their activities, which CloudWaitress is meant to solve. This online ordering system allows small food-related businesses to take advantage of online orders on comfortable pricing terms. However, the price is not the only attractive feature. Being a partner of this service is associated with stability and constant improvement of the business. The app is simple and usable thanks to React, naturally.


This web app is designed for digital marketers and agencies. DashThis is a reporting service that combines advantages of a fully automated tool and a tailor-made customer service. For example, some company may need to optimize search marketing campaigns and media. DashThis offers a specialized solution, which lets the company automate reporting, track KPIs, and accurately see ROI. Moreover, the service offers reporting solutions for e-commerce, Facebook, SEO, social media, etc. And all these are powered by React.


This company does not deal with reporting solutions. Exotel builds the best-in-class communication products. As for now, they provide three products – Voice (a sort of a cloud call center), SMS (a tool for customer communication via SMS), and nOTP (an innovative product for authentication and verification of users without any actions from their end). Exotel is a partner of different famous names including Uber and Flipkart.


The presence of Facebook web app in this list is a tip-of-the-hat to the company that introduced React to the developer community. The biggest social network on the globe needs no special introduction since almost any Internet user knows it. Big kudos to Facebook for their JS library and separate respect for React Native.


The title of the world’s most accurate grammar checker is not the only hallmark of Grammarly. This tool has already attracted millions of writers, content creators, bloggers and other people around the world who need to check their text for mistakes. Grammarly offers both free and paid products to improve the writing experience of users. The tool is a decent assistant to anyone dealing with English text content be it an advertisement, script, research or even this article.


Hashnode is a React-based web app for a network of software developers to learn new things and get insight into the world of programming. It’s not a regular Q&A network and aims at letting developers express their subjective opinion. Here one can find communities dedicated to a particular technology like Java, Python, Ruby, etc. The web app contains a news thread, as well as a blogs section. Besides, Hashnode users are encouraged to have active communication with an opportunity to earn one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, Stellar Lumens (XLM).


This web app is a place where employers can post jobs vacancies for backpackers in Australia. iBackpacker is a simple and at the same time awesome solution for those who want to combine traveling with some job experience.


The final item on our list is a game by Sitian Liu. This web thinker has vast expertise in software development. This year he introduced a detailed post dedicated to building a Sudoku game in React. Anyone can see the outcome and enjoy this brain game on his website. By the way, the game allows users to define the number of cells prefilled from 17 to 81. A great option for newbies!