It’s hard to talk about new mobile phone models without taking about Apple’s iPhone 5. Thinner, lighter, and longer, with a 4 inch display that allows you to watch films in perfect dimensions without wide-screen effect black strips, this is a well thought out improvement on the 4S.

The most talked about and publicized features have been the look and feel, and also the controversial Lightning Port. Gone is the previous 30-pin connector, we now have a smaller connector that can be plugged in any way round. A handy feature, but it has been a cause of much annoyance to existing Apple customers who have countless accessories such as car chargers which will no longer be compatible with the lightning port without investing in a pricey £25 adapter.

The video camera now records in 1080p HD, and the front facing camera has also been updated to 720p which is great for anyone who enjoys taking self-portraits and social networking. A few new key features like video stabilization are a big step up for any keen video makers or YouTubers. The iPhone 5 can take pictures 40% faster than the 4S, and low light mode has greatly improved your pictures in low light situations such as a night out. It feels like you are snapping the picture almost the second that you press the button.

There aren’t many settings and features to play around with on your pictures, but Apple have included Panoramic mode. This is a feature that has cropped up on many phones already and is definitely a worthwhile feature to include. Although this isn’t an innovative addition, the way that the iPhone has created the function is slicker than what you find on other phones in the way that it guides you while taking a panoramic photo and then stitches the end result together.