Technology is getting upgrading everyday at a rapid speed. To keep up with this rapid growth and expansion of tech, we too need to keep ourselves updated and informed. Starting out with the humble 2G in the year 1992 with its limited scope of data transfer, we moved on to 3G and then the ultra broadband 4G with high data transfer rates.

There are lots of 4G smartphones in India which support the VoLTE feature but no networks provide it. If you’re carrying a 3G phone, it may be difficult to use VoLTE because it requires high quality internet connectivity. But you can still activate VoLTE on your 3G phone with the help of some simple and straight-forward hacks.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is basically making calls over the internet. While there are many internet voice calling apps in the market today, they mainly use VoIP services, which are slower than data transfer over LTE(Long Term Evolution) services.

Telecom networks traditionally use circuit-switched voice network to make a calls but now VoLTE lets users make calls through internet network with LTE as the data bearer.

Information entered in a computer is converted into binary form and this data is sent through network like LTE which an upgraded version of GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies. Making calls over VoLTE is easier because they are structured to  mirror the architecture of the legacy telephone network while providing three times more voice and data capacity than 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM.

What does JioJoin do?

Reliance Jio network has come up with an amazing app to make audio or video VoLTE calls over the Jio 4G network. JioJoin app brings you the much needed API which works in harmony with the Jio network to make VoLTE calls without any hassle.

The only thing you need to do is get a Jio SIM from the Reliance Digital store or connect to a Jio MiFi device. With this feature you can make a high definition video calls and stay connected with friends without worrying about call drops, low quality service and data charges. With the 3 month unlimited internet, calling and messaging introductory offer, Reliance has started a revolution in the telecom industry which can never be bested by rival service providers.

How to activate VoLTE on 3G phones

We know that VoLTE feature require high speed and quality internet connection. 3G phones will need the following features to activate VoLTE on their devices

JioJoin app

Jio MiFi device

Download the app and connect your phone to the Jio MiFi device, the app will automatically enable you to make VoLTE calls. You can also get a 4G compatible handset (let’s face it, they are the future!) and then you only have to download  a Jio SIM to activate it’s many features and benefits.

While the other Jio apps can work over Jio hotspots that are phone enabled, JioJoin specifically needs the sim or a MiFi device. This may be a little troublesome if you wish to download and use the app immediately.

Features of JioJoin App

JioJoin has a nice and easy interface that can replace your traditional phone calling interface, so you don’t even have to open the app to make a call.

The app need not be installed on both phones and it will work as long as one of you has the app and a 4G Jio network.

It works better than any text based app like Whatsapp and Viber letting you send text, pdf files and .zip folder over JioJoin installed devices.

Plus you can hold an audio and video conference of 4-6 members with the app and speak with ALL your friends at once!


VoLTE is a amazing and innovative feature that removes any dependency on traditional cellular networks. I recommend switching to Jio network to anyone looking to for a better quality service provider that also gives you great apps and features.