The best navigation app waze is on iOS App store from October, now it’s time for Android users to have fun with this App. This Waze 4.0 is released for android with a fresh new design for easier and easeful navigation, reporting and sharing. This latest version of Waze comes with very pleasing feature that it significantly reduces the battery consumption, which avails you with more battery when you are at your destination.

Waze navigation app

This Google-owned App is there for you to start your drive, send locations and directions to your friends and family members.

The Waze map, menus and road reporting system are redesigned for higher visibility and clarity includes less clutter on the map with brighter buttons and color coded pins per report type.

The waze is been revamped with a stronger focus on the driver and the social driving experience. A new ETA panel is also provided in the latest version to organize everything you need in one place and let you view road reports, check alternative routes, add a stop on the way or even enables you to send your ETA to your friend.

This latest version of the App offers smart reminders which will tell you to leave or attend the events based on the calendar on time. The app synchronizes with calendar for events and makes you reach on time by guiding you based on the traffic conditions and drive times.

The Waze working is based on the user it is been used by on accord of the attributes set by the user. Some of the attributes are like fuel stops, road accidents, alternate routes and many more.