Android is really growing up. Currently Android owns nearly more than 80% of the global smartphone market share.
What if I say you that you can even earn money using your Android phone.

Yeah! You heard it right. There is a newly released app called Clashot that let users to earn money easily by simply uploading and selling photos on their website. So in this article, I will cover all the details regarding this app.

Who’s behind Clashot?

Clashot is an amazing app that comes from the developers of one of the largest stock photo sites called Depositphotos. I hope that you must have heard about this earlier already.
Clashot is an easy way to monetize your photography skills. The working of this app is very simple and can be explained in just 3 steps –

  1. You capture photos of various live events or interesting things.
  2. You upload these on Clashot using their app
  3. You get paid for each sale

After you download and install the Clashot app on your smartphone, you can simply upload either new photos by capturing them using your camera or even upload photos from your camera roll.

The design and layout of the app is really appreciable and simple. It is very easy to use. Currently Clashot pays you 44% commission for every sale that originates from your photo which is acceptable price.

Features of Clashot

So now I hope everything is clear regarding the working and functioning of Clashot. Now let’s have a look at some of the main features of the app –

  • Easy to use interface
  • Strong and interactive community
  • Social media sharing integration is available
  • Easy funds withdrawal via PayPal
  • Available for both Android as well as iOS devices
  • Functionality of email notifications from Clashot
  • Powerful reports (albums) editor
  • 100% free to use.

Conclusion :

So overall Clashot is a great application enabling photographers to earn good amount of money easily just by capturing the photos they like and selling them with ease.

To earn more using this app, just try to be consistent, active and try to capture only quality photos.
Download the Clashot android application now and give some wings to your photography skills.