Automated parking solutions are becoming popular in industrial and commercial area today. Residential buildings have also not been left behind as more people are becoming aware of the possibilities of these solutions. The technologies deployed in these solutions vary based on the needs of the premises but they are normally hydraulic and electromechanical technologies.

Why is this new parking space technology being embraced so enthusiastically?

Improvements in space efficiency

“With the right automated parking solutions, the number of cars that can be accommodated in a particular space can be quadrupled and the freed up space can be used by the business for other activities” says Ann, expert at All Drives and Controls, one of the biggest names in Unitronics Unistream implementation.

It is cost effective

With the right automated parking solution, the financial viability of any commercial and residential building can be greatly improved.

It saves time

A good automated parking solution will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to park and retrieve a vehicle. Car owners don’t have to spend time searching for their parked car in the midst of dozens of other cars. On average, it will take 3 minutes to retrieve your car in an automated car park filled to the brim.

It is cost effective and easy to maintain

In comparison to everyday conventional parking systems, automated parking systems are very cost effective in terms of maintenance.

Improved safety for cars

Automated car parking systems offer improved security and safety for the vehicles. Car owners won’t have to worry about theft and damage that can happen when parking or retrieving cars from a filled un-automated parking lot. UK car owners paid a massive £716m for car park accidents in 2014. As more establishments embrace the technology of automated car-parks, this figure will decrease significantly.

Safety for drivers

An automated parking solution means drivers have to wait in secure areas for their cars to arrive thereby removing the risk of walking through a car park alone.  Here is an article showing the dangers in the average car park.

It is environmentally friendly

In automated parking solutions, the engines are shut down while the cars get parked. This helps greatly in reducing pollution around the parking area.

It is very attractive

The designs of these systems make them look aesthetically pleasing, thereby improving the economic appeal of the establishments housing the solution.

Different types of automated parking solutions

The two-step automated parking solution

With this system, there is a pallet that gets lifted up and down following the loading of the car. This means the space below a loaded pallet can be used by another vehicle. This solution can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It can also be done in a flat area without need for any added architectural work. The system can be either operated hydraulically or electromechanically.

The level parking system

This system is used most in large buildings as it is vital for better space efficiency. It is directed horizontally and vertically in order to facilitate the entry and exit of cars.  The operating system generally includes side slides, pallet and lifts.

The puzzle parking system

This electromechanically operated system is mostly a combination of pallets carrying cars. Loading and unloading of the cars individually is possible. Therefor the system is an independent system. It is also very suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations.

The key to implementing a good automated parking system however is to talk to experts. This is to ensure that the right installation is chosen for the particular environment.