Here are key differences that Windows 8 brings to the table

Windows 8 is indeed a new version of Windows. It is synonymous with highly sophisticated features such as new style interface for use with touch screens.

Windows 7 was equally a great success for Microsoft at the time when the things were not going smooth for Windows Vista.

Windows 8 touch

User interface stands out to be the most popular difference between Windows 8 and its predecessor. Although Windows 7 had touch, yet it was not quite worth. However, things have seen a drastic improvement in terms of touch support Windows 8. Hence, you can even close windows as well as select menu items without any sort of issue or problems.

The new Start Screen is built for touch. Therefore, you can get your desired programs in a quick and efficient manner. The on screen keyboard has also witnessed significant improvement as well.

Windows Store

Microsoft’s Windows Store is indeed an integral part of Windows 8. It offers both desktop as well as Modern UI apps. You can search the Store by using the Search charm and equally you have the luxury to browse through the top free or top paid apps along with looking through apps by category as well. As and when the apps are updated, you have the luxury of downloading the apps in an easy and efficient manner quite like the way you do in iOS or Android.

Windows 8 Search and Social

As there is no start menu now, you can search by not just through “Search charm” but equally through “Start Screen”. You need to just start typing and you will be able to see the results on screen for programs and files. The search charm is contextual; hence you can search any app. For example, you can do a web search or search for a destination by using the travel app. After all, doing a web search is indeed quite quick and powerful. It stands out to be the best and simple way to launch a browser by searching in a speedy and electrifying manner.

Windows 8 supports Face book, twitter and LinkedIn. Hence you have the luxury of browsing social updates within the people app and as well as else where. Therefore, you will be in touch with your near and dear ones in an easy way as well.