Social media is something that every entrepreneur and company needs to get right if they want to be successful. According to news, social media is one of the best ways to control your online reputation. If you’re new to the medium it can be difficult to figure out what to do. You can start by emulating those who have gotten it right; brands like these:

1. Amazon

Amazon is consistently in the top ten on those “best brands on social media” watch lists. They have more than a sixteen million fans on Facebook and almost half a million followers on Twitter. The brand’s number climbs by thousands every week. Why? Because of how great their customer service is. They win at social marketing not only because they are engaging within the networks themselves but because they have excellent customer service across the board. They prove that being awesome outside of social media helps make your social media strategy successful.

2. Nike

Nike has almost 900,000 Twitter followers and more than eleven million “likes” on Facebook. Nike seems to lead the charge pretty much everywhere they go. One of the things that helps them stand out on social media, however, is how easily they help people integrate social media with the products that they have to offer. The step/run trackers that they sell, for example, will automatically upload your stats to your social media accounts and, if you “like” Nike or follow them on Twitter, you open the door to further promotions.

3. Disney

Disney’s numbers are always trending upward. As of this article’s writing, they have almost 1.6 million Twitter followers and 41 million likes on Facebook. Why? It might be because Disney consistently delivers great programming and products. Maybe it is because they are always running contests and promotions through their social media accounts and you have to have liked them or followed them to win those contests. Most likely, however, it is because they offer things through their social media account that are not blatantly selling stuff. They send out images and inspirational quotes and helpful information more than they sell. It’s easy to like someone who wants you to feel good and inspired more than they want you to feel like buying something.

4. RedBull

Redbull has more than 880K Twitter subscribers and thirty five million likes. Why? It can’t be just because Redbull gives you wings. The company has made a name and garnered millions of fans over the last few months because they are moving beyond basic product marketing. They are using their profits to do things like fund space jumps and independent research. On the networks themselves they promote ads for their products but also give information about what they are developing and try to entertain the people who are following them.

5. Netflix

In terms of numbers, Netflix trails the other brands in this article. They’ve got 3.7 million likes on Facebook and 264,000 Twitter followers. So why are they on this list? Because they are highly active on social media. These are just the numbers for their official channels. They also have a dedicated customer service account on Twitter that is well known for quickly responding to questions and issues posted about the company online. They are also known for their witty promotional copy—it’s so witty that their posts don’t feel like promotional products even though they are.

What lessons can you take to the bank by emulating these brands on social media? What do you like about what they do? What do you wish they’d do better? Use these answers to inform your own social media presence!