Internet space is filled with various online stores offering me a lot of equipment and electronics. All it works in a standard format of sale. Many users are looking for interesting services that would provide non-standard opportunities and chances to win an expensive item for a small amount of money.

Against the background of ordinary stores, this service stands out as Drake Mall. Many people wonder what the Drake Mallis.

You can find secret boxes there! This is a revolutionary service that offers to open mystery boxes thanks to its gift cards to be able to win a valuable prize. The service is absolutely legal and has official registration.

The whole system is as follows. Users buy gift cards of various denominations. The site has several categories of mystery boxes. Each of them may contain a certain set of things that are specified in advance. Users have chances to win an expensive thing or a regular one that corresponds to the cost of a coupon.

The case opening procedure

You should replenish your account before opening the boxes. You can use gift cards. It can be purchased at Kinguin or Gamivo. Choose the required amount of the card and purchase it. You will receive a 12-digit code that can be used on the site. You can replenish your personal account on the site thanks to Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller credit cards.

The procedure for opening boxes is as easy and convenient for users. In order to open the necessary box you buy a gift card. It gives access to a certain number of boxes. The contents of each container are known in advance. There is a certain set of things of various virtues and values that can be in one of the boxes.

Opening the box you agree that you can get any of the things.. Everything happens spontaneously and arbitrarily. The entire discovery process is as secure as possible and works on the principle of generating random numbers. You can see mystery box list very easy.

Legal business: scam or not?

This means that the service company does not have direct access to the regulation of the winning process. That is what ensures the maximum integrity of his process. There are plenty of proofs on the net that users actually win items and receive them by mail. Users can sell their item at the service or send it to the specified address. Drake Mall confirms its honesty and legality over a large amount of time.

All cards on Kinguin is the chance to win the prize. Take gift card and try to win! Thanks to this service, thousands of people were able to get high-quality and expensive prizes to take this video. Each client has the opportunity to dispose of their gift at their discretion. Fast delivery is also confirmed. The final decision is yours. In order to ensure the integrity of the service, go to the appropriate links with reviews and make your opinion on the work of the company.

Many people have already used the services of the service and become owners of valuable prizes. This is a direct confirmation of the legitimacy and integrity of the company. Service values its reputation therefore it offers high quality service for each client.