Introduction to Vodafone

Knowing the history of any company or industry makes to get to know about the hard work behind the success. Vodafone is one most reputed tele communication companies in the world which was initially established in the year 1984. Vodafone group of industries was head quartered in Newbury, England. Company feels great to announce that Vodafone made its first call on January 1st 1985. And now feels proud to stand in top place in tele communication world. The thought of starting the company was initiated in the 1982 with the establishment of Radio pvt. Ltd. Which is famous as ‘Racal Strategic Radio Ltd’. This was the biggest radio technology in UK in those days. Later they collaborated with Millicom and finally started Vadafone.

The official launch date if Vodafone was January 1st, 1985 as its first call was made on this day. Vodafone entered India in the year 1994 and officially launched as tele commination company in the year 2007. There is a hidden secret behind the name Vodafone. The work Vodafone was taken from ‘voice data fone’ which directly indicates the provision of voice and data services over mobile phones. Now Vodafone is the world’s biggest cellular operator and giving to reasonable competition to all other mobile networks. Today Vodafone is standing top in more than 25 countries in the world. It has been trying to extend its facilities to other 40 countries. Vodafone reached many stages as aimed. Below are some of great achievements by Vodafone company from the beginning till today.

  • In the year 1991, Vodafone was separated from Racal Telecom and completely became a mobile network. To overcome the pressure of shareholders it has been from Racal Telecom.
  • In July 1996, Vodafone purchased a new telecom company known as ‘People’s phone who are already customers of Vodafone.
  • In the year 1999, Vodafone purchased one more prestigious company AirTouch Communications, Inc. and further the name changes to Codafone. Vodafone took further settlement to merge its U.S. wireless assets with Bell Atlantic Corp to form the top most Verizon Wireless tele communication service, which is renowned for having the largest coverage across America, and the merger was completed by April 2000.
  • In the same year the name Vodafone was officially launched all over the world.
  • The concept of ‘Partner Networks’ was introduced by Vodafone. Vodafone became the originator of new terminology by signing with TDC mobile network. The partnership increased international services in the local area market. This is source for less investment and finally Vodafone has been recognized as local brand in our country.
  • In the year 2007, Vodafone finally entered into a title sponsorship deal which traded as “Vodafone McLaren Mercedes” and this sponsorship was ended at the end of the 2013.
  • Vodafone announced its new technology Cable and Wireless Worldwode (CWW) in the year 2012. After launching this CWW Vodafone exceeded 75% of its shares. Vodafone made Verizon a top most wireless communications in the corporate world. Verizon is another largest tele communication company with partnership in more than 25 countries.

Initially Vodafone was launched with minimum number employees and its service was restricted to only few countries. By the year 2012, its service has been increased to more than 35 countries. Vodafone mobile network users are increasing as it is providing best offers with 4G LTE network facility and talk time offers. Mainly in India we have man top most mobile network branded companies like Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance JIO and many others. Now a days Vodafone stood in 7th place in Indian local market with more than 222 billion customers all over the world. Mobile network world became perfect competition world as many other mobile companies are coming up with most exciting offers.

Vodafone USSD Codes

To use any network we have to know some basic things about that particular network. Some the basic things that should be known before using any mobile network are Signal frequency in your surroundings, Roaming facilities, USSD codes. Knowing about USSD codes is must before using any mobile network along with signal frequency in our surroundings. The main intension of this article is to provide the importance of using USSD codes for any mobile network. USSD codes which are generally known as ‘Quick codes’ or ‘featured codes’. USSD codes are available for all the mobile networks but they are generally unique. The perfect observation for USSD codes is ‘Unstructured Supplementary Service Data’ codes. The main source for having USSD codes is for enquiry purpose. There is a need of checking balance or validity details irrespective of any mobile network. And for this we can not reach to customer service all the time. To overcome this issue we require some main USSD codes to check some basic enquiry related clarifications.

Network plans will be continuously changing in this technology world and we have to keep an eye on the offers. Different mobile networks will offer different plans. Sometimes the plans may differ between the customers of same mobile network users. This is due to intensive use of mobile. As an appreciation, company provides some special offers and plans to only some specified customers. All these we can check only using USSD codes. In such cases USSD codes come into picture. To give tough competition to all other mobile networks, Vodafone keeps on changing on the plans and offers. Not only Vodafone, all other mobile networks are coming with special offers. Because of these changing offers mobile users are looking for USSD codes. Only USSD codes can make our task easy in knowing the offers day to day. Vodafone is the fastest wireless mobile network as of now and further providing 4G LTE offers to stand top. Before using any wireless mobile network one should know all USSD codes for that particular company. The main job of USSD codes is enquiry purpose. Usage of USSD codes has been increasing for all mobile networks as it is the easy to check our balance related issues and to check plans provided by the network. USSD codes are not only meant to check balance but also we can follow daily updates, news, sports and many day to day updates.

List Of Vodafone USSD Codes

As our discussion is Vodafone in this article, here providing the most commonly used Vodafone USSD codes. Generally these USSD codes will be short and easy to remember.

Code to check main balance:      *111# or *141#

Code to check your own number:            *111*2# or *141#

Code to check 3G/ 4G data:         *111*2*2#

Code to check SMS balance and validity:                               *111*2*5*2#

Code to check last three balance deductions:     *111*2*3#

Code to check daily data usage:                 *111*6*2# or *111*2*2#

Code to check recent best offers:            *111*1*1# or *121#

Code to check MY OFFERS:          *111*1*2#

Code to get talk time loan:           `*111*1*3# proceeded by 1

Code to get data package loan:                  *111*1*3# proceeded by 2

Code to check internet package:                               *111*1*5#

Code to check 2G internet data plans:    *111*1*5# proceeded by 1

Code to check 3G/ 4G internet data plans:           *111*1*5# proceeded by 2

Code to check special GPRS data plans:  *111*1*5# proceeded by 3

Code to activate data plans:        *111*1*5# proceeded by 5

Code to check for bonus cards:  *111*1*4# proceeded by 1

Code to check for bonus cards for roaming:         *111*1*4# proceeded by 2

Code to check for flexible recharge:        *111*1*4# proceeded by 4

Code to check for validity bonus card:    *111*1*4# proceeded by 5

Code to activate VAS service:     *111*3# proceeded by 2

Code to activate new 2G data service:    *111*2*3#

Code to activate new 3G data service:    *111*2*2#

Code to deactivate VAS service:                                *111*3*1#

Code to change request of caller tune:  *111*3# proceeded by 3

Code to check last 3 activities:    *111*2*3#

Code to check last 3 deductions:               *111*2*4#

Code to check Tariff plans:           *111*2*5#

Code to check voice or SMS plans:           *111*1*6#

Vodafone also providing USSD codes for balance transfer. When compared with other mobile networks balance transfer is much easier in Vodafone mobile network service.

Code to balance transfer:             *111*3#

Code to request for call me back service:              *111*10#

Code to check free night call minutes:    *111*2*5*2#

Above mentioned USSD codes are some basic codes that are most commonly used for enquiry purpose. For quick and perfect response above USSD codes are much better than choosing for customer service.

List Of Vodafone Customer Care Numbers

Along with USSD codes all mobile networks provides customer service also. Please find below list of customer care numbers that are most commonly used by Vodafone customers.

  • National wide Vodafone customer care number:              199

The above service number is used to clear our concerns. We can ask any queries related to Vodafone products, charges and services. This is not a toll free number and basic charges may apply in using this service.

  • National wide Vodafone customer care toll free number:             198

The above service is toll free and will be available 24X7. No basic charges are applicable in using this service as this is a toll free number and can register all issues related to Vodafone service or call charges.

  • Customer care number exclusively for prepaid customers:   +91 9823098230
  • Customer care number exclusively for Postpaid customers:   +91 9923399233
  •  Customer care number exclusively for product related queries:  +91 9823098230
  • Customer official website:  
  • We can also write to for all issues or concerns. We can expect response in next 24 hours and action will be taken immediately.
  • Vodafone is providing customer service region wise. We have different customer care numbers with respect to state and city. Some of the most famous cities and customer care numbers are listed below for reference.

Andhra Pradesh:         +919885098850

Karnataka:       +919886098860

Tamil Nadu:    +919843098430

Delhi:  +919811098110

Madhya Pradesh:        +919713097130

Maharashtra:   +919923399233

Kerala:             +919846098460

Gujarat:           +919825098250

Haryana:          +919813098130

Himachal Pradesh:      +919736097360

Jammu & Kashmir:     +919796097960

Goa:    +919923399233

Assam:            +919706097060

West Bengal:   +919732097320

Orissa:             +919776097760

Punjab:            +919888098880

Rajasthan:       +919828098280

Other Vodafone Service USSD Codes

Vodafone also comprises with many other USSD codes that are required to enquiry about very minute details. As per recent survey Vodafone is the only mobile network service that has been providing maximum number USSD codes when compared to other mobile networks. USSD codes are specially designed to face below issues…

  • Checking remaining main balance of our prepaid SIM without calling customer care
  • Checking bill amount of postpaid SIM regularly so that we can maintain our usage accordingly
  • Checking day to day internet balance usage
  • Checking remaining SMS balance
  • Checking night free calling balance if we are eligible for that offer.
  • If we are facing any issues, we can raise requests or complaints using USSD codes

As mentioned earlier Vodafone has provided USSD codes for minute activities also. Please find below list of USSD codes that not much familiar to the users…

Code to check DND service:        *111*3*6# proceeded by 1

Code to activate DND service:    *111*3*6# proceeded by 2

Code to deactivate DND service:               *111*3*6# proceeded by 3

Code to complain DND service:  *111*3*6# proceeded by 4

Code for balance transfer:           *131*<Amount>*<Number>#

Code to activate 2G pack for 1 day GPRS:              *444*444#

Code to activate 2G pack for 2 days GPRS:            *444*17#

Code to activate 2G pack for 7 days GPRS:            *444*75#

Code to activate 2G pack for 15 days GPRS:          *121*49#

Code to activate 2G pack for 1 month GPRS:        *121*98#

Code to activate 3G pack with 5GB data:                               *121*851#

Code to activate 3G pack with 8GB data:                               *121*1251#

Code to check minute balance:                  *145# or *147#

Code to check SMS balance:                       *148#

Conclusion ABOUT Vodafone USSD Codes

In a short span of time Vodafone has reached its target in world local market. Technology is updating daily and people are looking for best source to get these technology updates. Proper network with maximum speed is need to meet these advanced technology updates. To attract such users all mobile network started coming up with exciting data offers. Vodafone also stood in the lane of these list of providing best offers and plans. India is main target for such development as India is a country with more than 60% youth population. Also India is running towards development in technology field mostly. Finally if we are clear in using all the above USSD codes there is no need to call for customer care and wait which waste of time.