It’s very rare to be without an internet connection. But the thing is, it can happen anytime. Whether in a rural area or somewhere without proper data connectivity or travelling in public transit.  And in the worse case scenarios where the data consumptions over reaches in the middle of the day and the services start overcharging with heavy charges. Nowadays, it has become slightly impossible to be without an internet connection. Our Smartphone seems useless without data connectivity. Somehow developers have found out the way to make the best use of smart phones even without data connectivity by developing applications which work perfectly without data connectivity. users have to download only for once and then can enjoy them anytime and anywhere. Here is the list of applications which works perfectly without data connectivity.  Download VidMate from

  1. Feed me RSS

Feedme RSS is a podcast or a reader which gives its users access to read from various sources including Feedly, Inoreader, Bazqux, The Older reader, FeedBin, Tiny Tiny RSS, and FreshRSS etc. The interface is easy to navigate through and every content available there is well-categorized in different genres including Sports, politics, health, fashion, entertainment etc.  The best thing about this app is that it perfectly works offline and it gives users a preview about the content and what it is all about. With Feedme RSS users can customize feeds according to the preferences and other relevancies. With FeedMe RSS users can use any URL of the content users want to take offline. FeedMe RSS has an inbuilt browser which makes it even easier to navigate and use. To make the experience more attractive it supports GIF and texts with different fonts and styles.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the massive and leading cloud space services offered by Google services. It is cloud storage services which give access to a large storage space for free of cost. Google drive offers 15mb of free space. The storage is used by Google drive, Google photos, and Gmail. Users can get access to Google drive by accessing with Google account. It gives users access to store multiple numbers of attachments, documents, and photos even without proper internet connectivity. Google drive is the most secure of storing files. With Google drive, security can be sourced by us. Nothing can be shared with other members until someone gives permission to do that.

  1. Google maps

Google is a saviour package to take along wherever and anywhere. Basically, it is satellite imagery, street maps, and 360 panorama views of streets, real-time traffic, conditions, and route planning for travelling by foot, car, and public transport or by foot. it is multilingual and available for languages including Hebrew, Turkish, Icelandic, Mongolian, Spanish, and other languages and Dialects which is spoken by 1.29 billion people  . Not just this,. With Google maps, users can discover the directions of nearby restaurants, petrol pumps, supermarkets etc.  Google maps also provide its users with an estimated time of Arrivals between destination and location. Google maps can be used offline too by downloading maps in SD cards. Which can be used at the time where internet connectivity is low or data charges are high.

  1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most useful applications to cure user’s love for reading. Amazon Kindle is an eBook application which has a collection of more than 1.5 billion books in one place. Not ust it is an online eBook reader but with Amazon Kindle users can get excess to famous magazines and newspapers with high graphical images to make the act of reading more interesting and intrusive.  The Kindle has an inbuilt dictionary that allows its users to look up the meanings of the words that aren’t familiar. With Amazon Kindle app users can sync other books and can re-read the books in other synced devices whenever required. To make the application more user-friendly and loved. Kindle can be customized acc to the fonts and sizes as preferable. With night mode, users can advantage of reading books under the blankets with low backlights.