Widget is one of the plus which anyone can notice over iPhone. Widgets are very useful as they give you access to concentrated different kinds of information and quick reach to valuable apps and configuration settings. Here is my list of top 5 Widgets for your Android phone. No doubt there are plenty more but these are some you must get on your device.

Beautiful Widgets

This is actually a set of customizable widgets like clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets, battery monitor widget and toggle widgets comes in different sizes and configurations. It’s not free but if you want this set with a complete customized look and feel of your screen, this one is for you. Btw, I also love talking tom 2 – I think thats one of the best entertainment app out there for Android users. Even, first version of talking tom cat was awesome too.


Pulse news app is one of the must download app and so is its widget. It keeps you updated about what is happening around you. Pulse is the new reader widget that represents stories with images and videos. It allows the users to use one feed on its ticker at one time. It gives you a beautiful and engaging experience of news reading. So get it and be informed about the globe with fun at the same time.

Business Calendar

Keeping tab on your meetings and appointments is very important. Business calendar widget help you with the same by quickly scanning your calendar and tells you about how your current day and tomorrow. It comes in several sizes and configuration options. You can have an Agenda mode and the screen of your choice. It’s easy and very practical widget. What else do you need?

Falcon for Twitter

Most of us use Twitter for one or many purposes, look around and you will find everybody tweeting. This powerful widget Falcon brings a full Twitter client to your home screen. You may consider it as one of the best for Twitter. Get it from Google play store as it is a must have widget for all of you who use Twitter.

Google play music

It is the sleek and simple yet effective widget for those who love music. By using this simple widget you can like, skip, play, pause the songs and you will also get the information about the current song at your disposal. Overall whatever a music lover seeks is available through this widget.

So finally you have options to download some of the fantastic widgets for your device. Now you don’t have to load the complete application instead you can get the most important information on a single click and that too with the blink of your eye but before you download any widget keep one important thing in mind; Widgets can exploit resources, bandwidth, and battery life. It is suggested that you download a monitor first to know the status and resource usage. Also run one widget at a time even if you have downloaded several on your device and I am sure you will then enjoy the experience to its max