There are a lot of websites very similar to Pinterest and these websites have been attracting people in large numbers too. Following is the list of top ten sites that are very similar to Pinterest and can help you in sharing your likes and preferences all over the globe.


It is one of the most popular clone websites of Pinterest and has been attracting people in large numbers. You can easily sign up and enjoy the different lovely pictures and share the ones that you love too.


It is a Chinese website that has gained tremendous popularity among Chinese. It has features that are very similar to Pinterest and you can check out new pins instantly too.

Style Pin


It is one of the best Pinterest clone websites for those who love the world of glamour and fashion. You can readily pin the different fashion images and thus enjoy your own taste of the world of glamour. The site looks similar to Pinterest and has been doing a splendid work too.

Gentel mint

If you are passionate about the different men lifestyle products as you are in the lookout for a website where you can share your likes related to the world of men, this is definitely the best clone site of Pinterest. Here, you can find topics like cars, wine, bikes and more.

If you are a lover and you are looking for some of the most amazing pictures on love, wedding, hearts, romance, crush and forever happily ever after, this is one of the best clone website for Pinterest. The layout is majestic and you can easily click pictures and add them to your own favorite box.


It is one of the best websites for the sake of sharing pictures with each other. They have a huge collection and you can easily share and like the ones that you want. The interface is similar to that of Pinterest and you can find an active community here too. Thus, if you are looking for a website that functions nearly similar to that of Pinterest and has good traffic levels too, Juxtapost is definitely one of the best choices.


It is yet another Chinese clone website of Pinterest. You can find a lot of applications for different platforms like iPhone or even android. So, feel free to check out this Chinese website and share the pictures that you like.

We heart it

It is one of the most popular websites like Pinterest. You have a lot of different categories ranging from love to photography, fashion, glamour and even style. You can pin the images from different category and share them to show to the community as to what you love and what are your likings and preferences.


It is one of those Chinese websites that have closely followed the pattern of Pinterest. Woxihua is a Chinese word which means I like. You can find a lot of images as you can view them in serial mode and thus enjoy the pleasure of gazing through some of your favorite pictures.


It is one of those websites which you can link with your social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. You do not need any special invitation to join these sites and at the same time, there is a huge database as you can find a lot of amazing images. So, feel free to pin the image that you like and share them with your colleagues and friends to let the world know what you have been up to.