Almost every program comes with a built in uninstaller. And Windows operating system has an uninstaller as well. But there are certain times when you can’t rely on these uninstaller software. The built in installers never remove every trace of the software, so that if you install the software again in some later time, they don’t need to install every part of it again and neither they need the user data and the other data every time. And the windows uninstaller leaves registry traces and some other data. And so to clean up a program completely from a computer, sometimes there’s a need for a dedicated uninstaller program. We’re going to review the top 7.

Revo Uninstaller

Most advanced computer users would pick Revo Uninstaller if they’re asked to choose the best uninstaller program. Revo uninstaller works in a unique way – unlike everyone else. Revo doesn’t need to monitor a software before uninstalling it. It will just search for the files in your hard disk and the registry entries, clean them all and leave no traces behind.

Sometimes they may still leave some files, notably in the user files destination. These files don’t do any harm except eating up some spaces in your hard drive, and you can very easily remove them manually.

And this is the only program that does the job, for free.

ZSoft Uninstaller

It’s a good one, but not out of the track extra ordinary. Like many software of its class, it needs to monitor the software before uninstalling it. This needs to be done to inform the uninstaller about the changes that takes place in your machine. ZSoft Uninstaller monitors a software by taking registry snapshots to understand what has changed, and then takes necessary steps to uninstall the software.

Total Uninstall

It’s not free anymore, the developer has turned it into a commercial software now. But you can still download the free version of this software from their website; they’ve been generous enough to not delete the free version from their website. It does the uninstallation job pretty well but slow compared to the other two mentioned above.

These application uninstallers might have harmful consequences, as Windows might not be able to track some of them and result in making unusual behavior. However, if Windows Uninstaller fails to remove a software, you may use these ones.

Windows Installer Replacements

These software will replace your Windows uninstaller software and act as the default software.


It’s actually more capable than of the Windows Uninstaller. When you click on a software name in the My Uninstaller software list, it gives you the detailed information about that software including the installation date and time, registration details…everything you might need! It allows to delete left over names from the list, and to save a list of installed products  to an html or text file.


Almost same feature as you may get with the above mentioned one. But its specialty is the working speeds – it loads up in a blink of eyes. It can run as a standalone program or even be installed in your system.

These software can’t remove the registry entries – only the applications uninstallers have the capability.

And two more…

These two do the same job as the above ones, but note that – these two are not free. They sometimes perform better than the free ones, or have better UIs. They are –

  • Smarty Uninstaller Professional
  • Magic Utilities

Hope you have found enough clues to choose your uninstaller.