INSTAGRAM is a free sharing and photo editing application that was first launched on OCTOBER 6, 2010 in SAN FRANCISCO. It’s a very simple and easy to understand application and the photos edited by instagram then can be shared with all the INSTAGRAM users all over the world and also with other SOCIAL NETWORKING sites. what is completely different in INSTAGRAM and another photo editing apps is that it confines the photos to a SQUARE SHAPE (e.g. the photos taken by a POLORAID camera) as compared 4:3 aspect ratio photographs been taken by other mobile phones cameras.

First it was only supported by I PHONE, IPAD TOUCH and later seeing the growing demand of the users all around the world the company decided to make it supportive with other operating systems such as ANDROID 2.2 and higher.

INSTAGRAM encourages users to tag and title the photos in a completely manner rather than using the old-fashioned titles and procedures to tag and title the photos. Thus tagging and giving a title according to INSTAGRAM techniques gives a complete new taste to the photographs.

It’s like a dream come true for all the users eagerly waiting for such kind of apps. The developers of this app have completely taken care of the demands of the users and finally developed this app to meet the demands of the market.

Who says the clicking good photographs is the work of professionals, here comes the complete new experience of clicking such photographs.

Now all you have to do is to just download these apps and run your fingers around your phone to create a image of your choice. The prices of these apps have also been kept to a certain minimum to gather more and more users.

Let us have a look what these actually are and how they work.


The first launched INSTAGRAM on (APP STORE) comprised of the features such as

  • Completely new and live filters, which were quite different from the ones provided by other photo editing apps.
  • instant tilts option.
  • High resolution photos to make the photos more attractive
  • Optional border’s for almost every type of photograph.


LATER on seeing the growing demand of the users the company decided to add some more new features to make the application more interesting and the most shared all over the world. And the result was each second almost 58 photos were uploaded y the users, more and more users started adding with this app and the current stats show that more than one billion photographs have been uploaded till now.

Some of the effects provided y the instagram are:


This X-PRO II effect gives a warm and a saturated touch to the photograph and makes the photograph more pleasant and effective. The main emphasis has been made on the yellow colour.


This EARLY BIRD effect gives a slightly blurred and faddy effect to the photograph and makes the photograph look and old fashioned photograph.


This LO-FI effect also gives a slightly blurred and faddy look to the photograph but main emphasis is on yellow and green saturated.


This SUTRO effect gives a sepia effect and the main emphasis is on purple and the most used yellow colour.


This TOASTER effect gives a higher exposure to the photograph.


This BRANNAN effect gives a lower exposure to the photograph and focuses on gray and green.


This VALENCIA effect gives a high contrast to the photograph and emphasis on slightly grey and brown colour.


This INKWELL  is a black and white filter with a very high contrast to make the photos look as if it was clicked in the BLACK and WHITE times.


This WALDEN EFFECT makes the picture look like a washed out on with blue overtone.


This HE-FEmakes the picture look fuzzy y adding colours like gold and yellow.


This NASHVILLE sharpens the image with a tilt of magenta –purple and framed wth a border.


This 1977 effect gives a 1970’s flair to the photograph.


This LORD KELVIN EFFECT gives a SUPER SATURATED TOUCH to the photograph with a scratchy border.

All these effects with such perfection were never available on any other photo sharing and editing application and thus make this app the most used ant the most preferred one.


Besides the effects some add-ons were also introduced in this app to make it more interesting.

These add-ons made the application more versatile and interesting to use with an ease.


Use of some apps like adobe Photoshop express, FX photo studio, diptic, B funky photo editor, pixic-o-matic , slow shutter cam, snap seed, frame magic, pics art  photo studio, colour splash studio  etc. Here is the detailed information for almost every app that best compliments your INSTAGRAM. Take a look and share your reviews.

1)      SNAPSEED

This application is probably the best editing app available in the market. It is available in $ 4.99 in the apps market, though it costs a little more higher than higher than the other apps available in the market but the amount you to buy it is actually worth spending. It can perform various tasks such as AUTOMATIC ADJUST i.e. it automatically adjusts the picture’s brightness, contrast, color and the background.

The brightness, contrast and color can also be adjusted manually but the results of the automatic updating are worth praising.

The filter service is though not very commendable but still it is worth using to add magic to the photograph.

The DRAMA feature of this application gives the photograph a complete vintage look and this is the distinguishing feature of Instagram.

This application surely changes the look of your photograph and encourages you to go fore more clicks.

2)      Pics art Photo Studio

This app further compliments your photograph. What makes this app to be the most downloaded app is that its license is free i.e.You can download it for free and give your photograph a complete new taste.

This app not only adds various interesting filters but at the same time also allows various EFFECTS to be added to the photograph such as POSTERIZE ,WATER COLOUR, CONTOURS ,COMIC ,PENCIL ,HDR and so on.

After adding these various effects to your photograph you have the facility to share it with various social networking sites e. g facebook, Picasa, flickr etc