you are here either because your law firm hasn’t been ranked high, the competition is becoming increasingly stiff, or you are starting your business and what you want is real leads. Whichever the case, you can achieve your dreams. This guide is all about helping legal firms improve their online presence, generate more leads, and become profitable. This is something you are looking for, right?

But first, get the basics right.

What’s law firm SEO?

Law firm SEO is all about growing your practice and making you a market leader. Confused? Well, Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that leverages the power of the internet (online tools) to boost the company’s online presence. With SEO for attorneys, companies have an effective tool that can help them mount a serious marketing campaign. SEO is cost-effective and can help you reach clients—including those in the global scene.

In a nutshell, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that seeks to increase your site’s online visibility when it comes to search results. Common SEO strategies include backlinking, improving website loading speed, website optimization, and many more.

It’s also important to note that it takes consistency, time, effort, and patience to get your pages on top of Google. It won’t happen overnight.

No Time, No problem

The legal fiend is challenging. Attorneys don’t have the time to spend on marketing. The files that need sorting are extremely exhausting. That’s why bringing an expert on board can be a nice option. You can either hire a reputable SEO agency or bring in-house SEO experts to handle everything. However, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with both options—especially when it comes to in-house vs hiring an SEO agency. Overall, hiring an SEO agency is cost-effective and convenient. With an SEO agency, you minimize costs that could have been used to purchase digital marketing tools, hiring SEO experts and other administrative tasks. Also, it gives you time to concentrate on other important matters. You leave everything to your agency.

The Strategies You Need

Here is a breakdown of the strategies you need. 


Writing is undisputedly one of the most effective digital marketing tools. With content, you have a tool that can take your law firm site to places. Even more, the modern customer is looking for valuable information online. So, here is the deal: Create long content. Capture key facts in your content. Ensure that the content is professionally written. Don’t post articles that contain grammatical errors. Pay close attention to spelling. Go for short, elaborate sentences. Let your paragraphs flow.

Don’t Spam 

Google cannot be tricked. If you try to trick search engines by spinning or copying the content, then prepare for a rude shock. You will be mercilessly penalized.  Avoid manipulative tactics. You might even get banned for life. So, why pursue this route when you can write original content? Embrace white hat best practices. Remember, there is no shortcut to success.

Build Quality 

Backlinks are quite important. However, you only need to pick the best ones. Prioritize quality over quantity. Decide on effective legal directories and have your company listed. Pick your local directories and ensure that your Name Address Phone (NAP) remains the same throughout. Win big cases and obtain media mentions from different sites.


Focus your SEO campaign on your area of specialization and then start branching out after you’ve nailed the process. For advocates, law firm SEO functions well when the most important practices are targeted first, and then gradual expansion to other areas is made after absolute satisfaction is achieved with those results.

Ensure that your site focuses on Bounce Rate, Good Usability, Click-thru rates, as well as Time On-Site. That means you ought to have a listing which compels internet users to click on your search result while also keeping their attention once they’ve landed on your page. Remember, the main aim is for you to build authority in your area of practice. You’ll rank high if you do this accordingly. Make your site easy to access and use. Make it easier for visitors to find information and contact you. And ensure that there aren’t any errors.

Obtain Backlinks

The trick is to publish frequently. You’ve to publish regularly to remind the search engines about your site’s presence. Optimize your SEO content for discovery and conversion. This implies utilizing the best keywords and writing in a unique way that converts website visitors into new clients. You should as well understand the reason why certain search words are being utilized in Google. For instance, if someone searches for the term, ‘Divorce Lawyer Fees,’ they’re probably shopping around for the most affordable prices. And if that person picks your site, would they find something compelling? Choose the right words for selling your service and always prioritize the needs of your target audience.

Writing to satisfy Google’s ever-changing algorithms could lead to a negative SEO strategy. Instead, focus on offering quality content which comes directly from you and perfectly resonates with your current as well as prospective clients.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another powerful tool that can help you track the performance of your site more effectively. The data you obtain will help you determine the necessary changes that should be made to boost your site’s performance and help you stand out among your competitors.

Check how easily people can access your site and find out what they say about your services. Are they comfortable with your pricing plan?

The Bottom-Line

When it comes to generating revenues, nothing takes center stage quite like effective digital marketing strategies. All firms—including those affiliated to the legal sphere—can hugely benefit from digital marketing strategies. For instance, SEO can propel your firm to another level. So, if this is all you are looking for in a digital marketing strategy, think SEO. The above guide will help you roll out an effective SEO strategy you can be proud of.