Given how easy it is in this day and age to contact a repairman or simply buy a replacement, some of the skills our grandparents had might feel outdated or unnecessary. Many of those old fashioned skills still have value in a modern world and can save you money. What Millennials call life hacks, older generations called life skills.


Disposable fashion is bad for the planet and bad for your budget and bad for your storage needs. Personalize and repair your clothes by learning basic tailoring skills. Start with simple skills like replacing a lost button or hemming too-long pants and move on to nipping in the waist on a dress too large for you. Oftentimes you won’t need anything more specialized than a needle, thread, and a can-do attitude.


In the old days, knowing how to fix your own car could save you a lot of money, these days it’s your phone or tablet or computer. Beyond debugging, there is iPhone battery replacement and screen repair. These basic fixes can save you money and save the planet from the scourge of e-waste. Remember that every time you repair an item, that’s a replacement you don’t have to buy, and an item someone else doesn’t have to manufacture.

Make it Yourself:

A lot of times that item you’re thinking about buying is something you could, and maybe should, make for yourself. Sure it’s going to take some time and maybe cost you something in terms of supplies but if, for example, you make your own facewash, you don’t have to spend money on a product full of chemicals that will then go down the drain. Making your own dinners means reducing waste in the form of plastic, and helps keep the planet healthy for generations yet to come.