Ola Cabs is the popular transportation Company in India that offers various transport related services to all its customers. Ola provides the best services to all people in the country. It is the leading mobile taxi service offered for all the customers in the country. Ola has provided some of the best cab services to all the customers in and across the country. Originally, Bhavish Aggarwal set up Ola Cabs in the year 2010. It has initially commenced its services in the city of Mumbai in the country.

Ola offers its services to all the customers in various cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and a lot more. The headquarters of Ola Cabs located in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. Ola has launched its transport or taxi booking Apps services to all its customers in order to set as the competitor for Uber Cabs. The Ola Cabs firm has launched Ola Cab app for the ease of its customers.

Ola Cabs Coupon Code

Taking a good ride in an Ola cab will definitely make your day with a fresh feeling and worthy service. If you have installed the Ola Cab app on your device for the first time, you have a chance to get a coupon code. It provides a referral code with which you can get a free Ola ride for the first time. Ola offers excellent services to its users anytime, anywhere across the country. In this post, we have come up with the OLA referral code for mobile apps as well as the OLA coupon codes for the new users. Have a look!

OLA Cabs Referral Code for New User

Ola Cabs is the leading mobile taxi Company in the country that offers a wide range of services to all the people. The best services offered by Ola Cabs include Taxi, cab services, and vehicles for hire. As of now, more than 5000 employees work in Ola Cabs and offer all its services for the customers. The official web portal of Ola Cabs is http://www.olacabs.com. The Ola cabs offer different kinds of services for all the customers starting from economic to the expensive and luxurious mode of travel.

This Ola has provided its customers to book the cabs or reserve them via its mobile application. The Ola Cab supports both cash and cashless mode of payment using Ola money. As of now, Ola Cabs offers its services to all the people in different cities including Pune. At the time of their travel on Ola Cabs, if the customers confront any inconvenience, they can immediately contact the Ola Cabs Customer care through the phone number. It will then provide instant services to all the customers.

The Ola cab users can install the Ola app for the first time and get a chance to win Rs 200 Ola money through the Ola referral offer. In order to acquire this offer, the customers must use the referral code. It provides Rs 200 per each referral to the new user through their Ola mobile app referral code for the first time. This way, the customers can get Rs 200 Ola money for free. This Ola Referral code can be used only by the new users. At the time of sign up, you can make use of this referral code.

How to Use the OLA Referral Code?

The OLA Referral Code is 67A0ZNU which is available for the new users through their OLA app. With the help of OLA Money, the users can get OLA rides absolutely for free of cost. The OLA app referral code will work for the new users. It means that they need to have a new mobile number in order to get this OLA referral money. Follow the simple steps provided below to learn the usage of OLA referral code:

  • First of all, download the OLA Cab mobile application on your device.
  • You can find this app from the Google Play Store app store.
  • Hit the Install button and complete the installation process.
  • You can then access the app from the home screen of your device and open it.
  • Click the Sign-up button and enter some crucial details in the required fields.
  • Type the details such as the email id, mobile number, password and the OLA referral code [67A0ZNU] in the respective fields.
  • You can then hit the Sign-up button.
  • You will receive an OTP [One-Time Password] to your registered mobile number.
  • For the verification process, you require an OTP.
  • You can then log into the app using the email id and the password that you have used at the time of the sign-up.
  • It then displays Rs 200 OLA money credited to your OLA wallet.

The customers can take a free ride from the OLA cab with Rs 200. It is also possible to invite your friends so as to download the OLA app. For each referral code, you can get Rs 200 OLA money.

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OLA Referral Code for Different Cities

  • OLA referral code Bangalore July: 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code Chennai July: 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code Hyderabad July: 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code Mumbai July: 67A0ZNU
  • OLA cabs Pune referral code July: 67A0ZNU
  • OLA referral code KOTA July: 67A0ZNU

OLA Coupon Code for First Ride

If you are going on a first tide on the OLA Cab, you can use the coupon code for the first ride. It can take Rs 100 off on your first OLA ride. Ensure that you use the aforementioned referral code for OLA and get Rs 200 in your OLA wallet.

Final Words

That’s all! This is all you need to know about OLA Cabs Referral Code for a new user. Hope this guide has helped you to win Rs 200 for taking your first ride with OLA cabs through the OLA mobile app. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section below.