Marketing does have a learning curve, and it will take time for you to pick up the skills that you need to be successful. However a good place to start is by learning from some of the common marketing mistakes that other beginners tend to make – and avoiding them.

In particular there are five very common marketing mistakes that you should try to ensure you avoid:

1. No Market Research:

Without market research you will be making decisions based on what you assume to be true about your target audience, competitors, and the market that you’re in. That is never a good idea, and market research is an important foundation that will give you data to make better decisions.

Another mistake that is just a bad (or worse) is if you haven’t defined your target market in the first place.


2. Not Tracking Results:

Even some experienced marketers make the mistake of not tracking the results of their marketing campaigns. Without proper tracking you will have no idea what is effective and what isn’t, and will not be able to make good improvements to your campaigns.

3. Trying to Fake It:

It can be tempting to fake popularity, testimonials, or even make fake claims about the product or service that you’re marketing. However as much as it may look like a good ‘shortcut’ – it really isn’t.

If you try to fake it, odds are you’ll be found out sooner or later and that will ruin any trust that you’ve built up. Suffice to say it can cripple your marketing and lead to other negative effects.

4. Only Marketing via Limited Channels:

Nowadays there are lots of channels that you can use for marketing, including videos, email, social media, search engines, and more. It is important that you diversify and take advantage of them if you want to reach a wide audience, and it is often cost-effective to do so.

One option to consider is using Online Video Converter to learn how to convert webM to MP3 so that you can create podcasts from your video content. It won’t take long, and as it is web-based you won’t even have to install any software.

5. Competing on Price Alone:

Price is an important factor, and can definitely impact your marketing. However competing on price alone is rarely a good idea, and will often backfire.

The impact of price-based marketing promotions such as discounts, coupons, and sales is temporary. It is good to give your sales a boost, but at the cost of profits. On top of that if you do lower your price, raising it again is likely to cost you sales.

It is important that you take pains to avoid all of the five mistakes listed above. If you do your marketing will be much stronger for it.

As much as avoiding some mistakes is important, keep in mind that it is impossible to avoid all mistakes. Instead what is more important is that you learn from each mistake that you do make – and don’t repeat it.