Businesses benefit greatly from the services provided by equipment suppliers. These suppliers bring businesses products and solutions that help them to reduce their printing costs among other things. Businesses are also able to meet their operational goals, and experience an overall improvement in their workflow through the implementation of document digitization. Now businesses can enjoy the added service of recycling that will help them meet their goal of environmental sustainability.

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Equipment suppliers offer non-biodegradable products such as toners, ink cartridges, machines and printers. By providing recycling services these companies help businesses to reuse and properly dispose of these items that would have otherwise been harmful to the environment if they were just thrown out. Through recycling and sustainable environmental practices, businesses are able to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption and reduce the amount of paper they use.

Recycling Programs

Businesses are generally faced with the challenge of disposing of their old printers and other commercial waste in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. As they seek to install new printing equipment and streamline their printing activities, businesses will need to get rid of their old items. It is with this knowledge in mind that Managed Print Services companies such as Printercorp now offer their customers machine parts recycling programs that allow them to safely dispose of their spent print equipment.

Incorporating a recycling program as a part of their operational process allows these businesses to benefit from reusing/recycling parts of the printer such as the ink toner cartridges and fuser units. One such program is Printercorp’s industry-first machine parts recycling program known as the “Toner Cartridge Takeback Program”. The recycling program sees Printercorp assisting their customers to achieve 100% recycling by taking from them consumable items such as toner cartridges, waste toner containers, toner bottles, fuser units, photoconductor units and maintenance kits that they recycle.

Benefits of Using MPS Recycle Programs

Managed Print Services benefits businesses in many ways. Here are a few.

  1. Non-biodegradable printer parts are kept out of the landfills. Each year an estimated 500 million cartridges are produced. This number reflects a total of 400 million inkjet printer cartridges and 100 million laser printer cartridges. Without the MPS recycling program these items would end up in the landfills. It is estimated that 4 million cubic feet of landfill space is saved when cartridges are re-manufactured. Businesses who use the program can feel confident that they are helping to save the environment in a big way.
  2. Nonrenewable resources are conserved, and by re-manufacturing cartridges the consumption of fossil fuels is greatly reduced. Information sourced from Recharger Magazine indicates that for each new laser toner cartridge that is produced a total of 3.5 quarts of oil is used, while a total amount of 2.5 ounces is used to produce each new inkjet cartridge.
  3. Businesses are able to realize great reductions in their printing cost and paper usage, as well as their energy consumption.

The collection of ink cartridges continue to improve with some MPS programs being able to achieve as much as a 98% recovery rate. Metals are removed and recycled while plastic parts are converted to eWood which is used to make other items. Items produced from recycled machine parts include:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Fencing
  • Garden edging

Businesses that use MPS recycling programs will be achieving their environmental goals by recycling their used printer cartridges through a program that is free, easy to use and environmentally accredited.