How does it feel like when you find your hard work, the pictures you used to upload on a platform on one website without credit to your original work? Here comes the reverse image search with which one can search a copy of an image on the internet.

What is a Reverse Image Search?

Searching images on the internet doesn’t involve any text. A person can perform this search by uploading the picture or the image URL to the search engine and find the source of the image. There are specialized search engines where you just have to upload the image, and it will show you the original source of the image and where it was published. Sometimes people use images directly from the Google images search and use these images without crediting the original owner. There are a lot of reasons that you should do a google reverse image search, and I do this quite often. Here are the reasons you should do this too:

  • Sometimes knowing the original image’s source becomes important. The internet is a big place, and it is hard to find the source of the image. It is possible that different websites might be using the same image. So, it can take a lot of time to find out the source of the image. Make time to find the source and credit the owner of the image as it is a good practice.
  • Sometimes you may find an image, but it is not in higher resolution. In order to find the high-resolution version of the picture, one must use a reverse image search technique to find that. If a you upload the image to the search engine which helps in finding the image source and there will be many search results where a user can find links to higher resolution image and possibly the link to the source image.
  • With these search engine techniques, you can also find the links to the websites where the original image is being used.
  • This technique can also be used to find the owner of the original image in order to ask for the permission to use the image.
  • You can also search to know if this image is already being used somewhere so that you can use it again. It is common on the internet that the images are used many times because they are available publicly.

There can be several other reasons that a person should go for the reverse image search. For example, if a person is uploading his or her own pictures on the internet and they’re being used somewhere then with this technique, you can know if anyone is using them without your permission. Google offers a safety tool for the content creators, and that is DMCA. If you see a website using your images, you can reach them via email and ask them to give credit or buy the image from you properly. If they are acting too stubborn, then DMCA is the last thing you got, you can file the complaint and Google will take care of your content by adding their website to the blacklist. It is common on the internet that people use other’s work without permission. So, it is no wonder if you find your work online somewhere without any credit.

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