The latest smart watch has come in the market. Apple launched its Apple Watch Series 4 and it is claimed to be a peek at the future. Apart from being amazing with its display, iWatch 4 can track your run and even measure your ECG (feature not yet available in India). It’s truly a SMART choice. Let’s take a good look at what more it offers.

Display and Functioning-

The new watch’s display extends till the end of the screen, which was not in the previous model. Thus, this has modernized its looks and given a greater area for display. The screen dimensions are now 44mm and 40mm. The best part about the watch is that if you have an Apple watch already, your band can be used with this watch as well. The 38mm bands of your previous watch will be compatible with the 40mm display iWatch 4 series and bands of dimension 42mm will go with the 44mm version of the watch. It’s like a reward for customers who had already bought their bands. Try ordering best iWatch 4 series with available AliExpress Coupon today to get good rates online.

The heart rate sensor is stronger and better with just one LED light, which were four previously. The design is subtle. Also, it has LTE variants and you will be able to receive your calls and messages even if your phone gets switched off. One side has a speaker and the other one has microphone places between side button and digital crown. The activity face in the watch series 4 now also displays seconds, which was previously limited to minutes.

The charging of the watch is accomplished by magnetic wireless charging, which makes the company stand out from its competitors who still struggle with making appropriate chargers.

Set up Process-

From your iPhone (iPhone 5 or advanced one), open the watch application and follow instructions that are given. It’s as simple as that! To set up LTE variant, you will be displayed a page called mobile data setup. You are supposed to choose set up LTE and telecom carrier’s online website will open up. Now you will have to log in and your eSIM for Apple watch series 4 will be set up. Only Reliance Jio and Airtel support Apple Watch LTE in India.

Watch Faces-

The exclusive face of Apple iWatch 4 is the Infograph face. You can choose from eight complications on the face. Every corner has one complication and the rest four are present within central dial. There is no faster way to make calls and you are supposed to open the app drawer first, which isn’t very convenient.


The watch has only four of the fifty most popular iPhone apps – Ola, Facebook Messenger, Jio music and Uber. It lacks WhatsApp and Google Maps, which is a disappointment. If your iPhone is on, you will get WhatsApp notifications and you can send replies but that won’t happen if your phone gets switched off.

The microphone of the watch works well. Even when the hand was to the side, it was working good enough. But I noisy surroundings, you might have to keep the watch near your face, which looks like you are some kind of spy from old movies. For a better experience, you should pair your Bluetooth headphones or Airpods to the watch. The best part about the watch is its tight and strong integration with the iOS. You can also explore other available options through Tata Cliq offers from wide range of collection in electronics section.

Fitness Track-

The watch has GPS to track your fitness record. The fitness tracking is similar to previous model, except for a better heart sensor. It will get automatically triggered when you start your workout and will send a notification confirming whether it is over. Another interesting feature is the Activity Competitions, where you can challenge your friends and stay motivated.


The basic version of the watch starts at the cost of INR 40,900. But for Indians, there is the major drawback of not getting the heart rate sensor and only two SIMs supporting Apple Watch series 4. Its LTE needs work and the application ecosystem isn’t up to the mark yet. Apart from that, it has outstanding fitness tracking features and display. Also, battery life of LTE supporting model isn’t very satisfying. So, it’s better to wait for better models to be launched in India.