In this fast-moving digital age the best way to connect to potential customers online is always developing and changing. Not too long ago email marketing was the method which got the most attention, taking over from traditional print media – which was fine when the majority accessed the net primarily through a desktop or laptop.

These days, however more and more are using a tablet or smartphone as either their primary device to get online, or at least for a good amount of the time. Inevitably this changes the way the millions of people floating around in cyberspace can best be reached, and one of the leading options breaking free from the pack is Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook has offered ad campaigns for several years, fully exploiting the fact that they have billions of users who basically form a captive market. Facebook ads can be customised to suit all budgets, and designed to incur charges say when someone engages with an ad rather than a business paying for the pleasure of simply having their name out there. It sounds attractive enough, so what’s the issue?

One of the main gripes business users have with traditional Facebook ads is the simple fact that they often don’t work the way you would like or expect them too. Businesses with a huge budget can, of course, afford to invest and pour cash into a campaign which will raise their profile, and this is especially the case for those with national customer scope. Small, or more local companies, may find that the engagement or conversion rates they experience are less worthwhile.

This can be due to the competition, which is pretty overwhelming, but there is a new way to get more attention from Facebook’s potential audience – Facebook Messenger marketing – you just need to learn about it.

Look at ManyChat marketing courses

A while ago Facebook gave Messenger a facelift, and this included making it easier to advertise productively through the app. Chatbots take care of the legwork, to learn more visit ManyChat Course and see why they are very good at it, being able to do much more for you than simply deliver an ad to a likely interested lead.

Facebook Messenger is definitely in the early stages of targeted advertisng, but that just means there’s a whole lot of potential for you to exploit. What is crucial, as always, is that you get the most out of any campaign you buy into, and for Facebook’s messenger this means getting familiar with the leading software it uses – ManyChat.

By completing at least one ManyChat online course  you could learn all you need to know to seriously improve your Facebook marketing efforts, and here we look at some of those key benefits.

You can create instant and meaningful connection to potential customers

Messenger marketing provides a way for interested potential clients or customers to respond as they are presented just like a regular conversation. They can ask questions, look at content, and generally communicate in a way which will never be matched by other forms of promotion.

You can exploit generally higher engagement rates

Email marketing is thought to produce an open mail rate between 5 – 18% with less than 2% actually clicking through to pursue anything. That’s a pretty miserable scenario, but emerging stats for Messenger show much more promising figures – with around 80% of recipients opening the message, and at least a third (often more) clicking through. This is perhaps because people trust the Messenger app more than they do email providers.

Messenger makes thing much easier for the reader

When so much can be done in just one click why make potential customers work hard to even get to your message? Email inboxes tend to be filled with hundreds of messages, with circulars, joke memes and spam which could easily have a virus attached getting in the way of genuine messages. Even if you have the motivation to open a marketing message chances are you can’t face the huge amount of text – which may not even be readable on a small screen. Messenger ads are the exact opposite, being shorter, fully optimized to be easily readable, and properly formatted.

You can learn how to exploit the interactive opportunities Messenger offers Traditional advertising communication, whether in print, on the radio, or via email, is very ‘one size fits all’, and the best a marketer can do is hope to hit lucky with a decent amount of those reached. Facebook Messenger turns things around by offering a chatbot feature. Learning how to use that fully means you can easily change the content of your messages to suit the reader, as well as offer a personal response option to those with an enquiry. This combines to create the space for two-way communication between the business and the actual or potential customer.

The Messenger audience is big and growing steadily

Facebook Messenger is incredibly popular, even amongst those who rarely use the actual Facebook site. It is proving to be the favored way for people to communicate with friends and family, so adding businesses to that mix is a natural next step. Businesses using Messenger to advertise in the US can be confident that they have a very good chance of being noticed, and with the option of drawing on chatbots, videos and various buttons there’s plenty of scope to personalize and tweak the ads, if you learn how.

Don’t miss out on learning – utilise ManyChat online courses

Investing a little time in completing an online ManyChat course will never fail to pay dividends, putting you way ahead of others who overlook this opportunity. Never overlook the advantages of learning lots about a fairly new venture, as this puts you way ahead of the competition. ManyChat courses cover both the information and the practical side of marketing, so you can learn what to do, and how to actually do it.