My family and I recently went on vacation soon and during the weeks leading up to it, I was searching endlessly for games my kids could play on the plane to keep them busy. Unfortunately, as I was searching for child-appropriate games that I could download to my tablet, I was coming up with a lot of nothing. I was pretty much preparing myself for a nightmare of a plane ride when I happened across a website that listed the top hair and makeup games for kids.

Best 10 Hair & Makeup Games for Kids

I did some research on a few makeup and haircut games and then gave a few of the games to my kids to play for a bit to see if there were any that could be a viable option and one – by far – stood out from the rest. My kids absolutely love this game and didn’t want to put it down for a second during the hour and a half we were in the air. They love it so much, in fact, that I knew immediately it was worth sharing.

Create Candy – Inspired Makeovers with Candy Makeup Beauty Game

What’s so unique and fun about this game is that every step in the makeover process is candy themed. Essentially, the game works just like a classic makeover game, but with tasty treats instead of accessories. Your kids can style the model’s cotton candy hair as well as complete candy-inspired manicures and pedicures, select an outfit, and choose from a wide variety of candy jewelry to perfect every look. My kids especially loved that they could take their characters on a worldwide tour to win prizes; definitely, a fun feature if your child likes to see the outcome of their hard work in action.  

While it may seem a tad obvious to point this out, I do want to be clear: if a realistic makeover game is what your child is looking for, this is not that game. That being said, I think what my children like so much about this game is how creative it allows them to be. At the end of the day, you’ll just have to consider your child’s personality and what he or she will like best.

Superstar Me – Variety That Keeps Kids Entertained

Unfortunately, this game is for iOS only. What I like about this one it the great variety of items kids can explore and play with. At the same time, my kids had no trouble picking it up. Granted, they didn’t exactly know what they are doing but that’s the beauty of being a kid. You don’t have to understand everything in order to have fun. Finally, this game is another great choice if you need your kids to have fun and stay calm.

One thing I don’t like about this one is it seems to crash every now and then. I checked it out and it seems to be a pretty new game, so that might be the reason. Nevertheless, it’s isn’t great when your kid is playing and 10 minutes later they are met with a blank screen on the phone or tablet.


This game was honestly a life-saver. I do realize it isn’t the best way to have fun with your kids, but when you’re in a situation like on a plane, it makes sense to give them a quick game so you don’t bother other passengers.

My family was able to enjoy a peaceful plane ride without having to worry about tantrums due to boredom. If your child enjoys makeover games – or maybe you’re just trying to consider a few new games that your child can play to help express their creativity a bit more – I think this game would be the perfect fit for you.